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Mad Men - Season 6

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Two hour season premiere tonight at 9pm!

will joan continue to whore herself out to potential clients for a share of the ownership?


will roger keep dropping acid and tripping balls?


will pete keep cheating on his perfect little housewife? (love me some allison brie)


and then you got these two.


supa pumped.

share the love ITT.

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Lost track of this show after S1 . . . only dropped in now and again playing commercial bingo. So I am guessing it is now late 60's on the show? If so, shouldn't Don have ditched the fedora? And yeah, Joan is looking a little beefier these days, but I'd still tap that ass. Pete looks to have aged poorly, while Roger is still Dorian Grey. Peggy looks like Pete's Mom now. Jeebus what happened to these folks?

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