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Crap, another fold. too nitty 88?!


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Villian 23/6/10.0

Cake Poker, $3 Buy-in (1,000/2,000 blinds, 200 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 8 Players

Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

UTG+2: 35,793 (17.9 bb)

MP1: 20,099 (10 bb)

MP2: 58,009 (29 bb)

MP3: 26,872 (13.4 bb)

CO: 33,830 (16.9 bb)

BTN: 26,934 (13.5 bb)

Hero (SB): 26,120 (13.1 bb)

BB: 15,160 (7.6 bb)

Preflop: Hero is SB with 8diamond4.gif 8club4.gif

UTG+2 folds, MP1 raises to 19,899 and is all-in, 6 folds

Results: 6,600 pot

MP1 mucked and won 6,600 (4,400 net)

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That's just a terrible fold, given your stack size.

At the very worst you are 20%, but your 88 is probably favourite against any 10 bb shove here.

He's shoving any ace here, so:

A8-A2 you would be between 65 to 75% fav depending on villain being suited.

A9-Ak between 55-60% fav, again depending on villain being suited.

He's also probably shoving any half decent King or Queen, so replacing the Aces in the above examples with either King or Queen would give roughtly the same percentages with you always the favourite.

Flipping with TJ type but so what?

22-77 are also getting it in here with 10 bb's

99-AA - Just unfortunate but youd still be aboutl 20%

This is a no brainer, it's always a 100% call in this spot

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I disagree here a little bit.

If its a tight table I can see an argument for folding and being first in, since I'm pretty sure I'm in a flip. I don't agree 22,33 etc are shoving here but this obv depends on the players, I personally wouldn't be shoving these from MP.

If it's a loose table where every pot is getting opened before me then I'd probably take my chances.

A lot of my decision is going to depend on game flow and the game structure. If this is a 3x turbo more inclined to gamble if it's the FT not so much etc and same for a STT.

From my experience mid pairs don't do as great as the other's suggest from MP shoves.

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I think this is a clear call, popping it in pokerstove should give you the answer you need

when i download it, it says expired version and the website it sends you to goes to some dudes page with no discernable EXE files. idk. i use to use pokerstove alot but cant find it anymore...

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