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Define: happiness

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^^^^awesome smokey post!!!!! fo sho dat...fo sho


Happiness, and the definition of, varies amongst land dwelling bi-peds..Im an expert in this field, get yer pencils out boys..

I mean, the human flaw element is dam near guaranteeing us a flawed definition, right? NO matter how sweet or cool our definition is...And the definition is guaranteed to change over the years, is it not?

And what-a-boot the people who just hate happiness, the ones who prefer to be miserable assholes?

So, I refuse to answer your question based on


OK, i'll play along

Money that doesn't run out...

Love that stays fresh and heavy and from the heart, naturally, and forever..

Puppies that never die..

Carls Jr #4 double western cheeseburgers that are made properly, forever

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Nobody mentioned blowjobs?

Yeah babeeeeeee, the sheer pleasure of lying there and trying to hold on for dear life not to squirt, then just giving in and shooting it down the throat :-)

oh and playing golf with ya mates and taking their dollar after an amazing game where you shot 5 under your handicap and only won on the last hole with a monster putt!

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Guest Hank H1LL
1. General Population - having a lot of consumable objects that other people think highly of.

Neeek - being better than the people who helped him get where he is.

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Happiness is knowing that someone will show up at your funeral

Hilarious , my sister in law is tired of my random stories and new names etc etc and hollers at me today "Well you better make a list of these people so we know who to invite if you die or something".....

Always the planner she is

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drinking and playing with clay with a beautiful, awesome, girl

Taking a ceramics class over the summer for credits. I'm artistically retarded, but she's very artistically talented. Have 24 hr access to ceramic studio thing, about to go with her and drink and get help with my ceramic projects. Maybe some some in the studio too iykwim ;).

That's happiness. At least for a night.

True happiness for future:

1) Beautiful wife and kids

2) Maintain my great connection with my family, I'm truly blessed to have been born into mine

3) Good paying job (hopefully own my own business tho) + monies from playing poker on the side.

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