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WSOP ME Runner up, Steve Dannenmann ridiculous post on Facebook

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Just seen Steve Dannenmann commenting on Nolan Dallas status on facebook regarding online poker, Sheldon Adelson & the FTP scandal among other things. He comes across as a complete idiot. Worth a read.

Link to Nolans FB - https://www.facebook.com/nolan.dalla.7?fref=ts

Dannenmann - "Nolan...I appreciate your efforts to rally poker players to boycott the Venetian during this 5 day period, but I have to challenge you and poker players and especially your article on this subject: #1) Joe Hachem lives in Australia and doesn't play poker in the Venetian, so no big effort there or dumb to mention in your story...Gavin Smith I am not sure either if he plays in the Venetian but no real big deal #2) like I said in a previous post, the boycott should have come during the Venetians Deep Stack Tourn, not a week later when it has no impact on the poker room...most poker players have gone home by now...it holds no merit...Maybe Sheldon is right and shouldn't have poker or any kind of gambling on line at all...just because people in general are irresponsible...there are 47 million people on govt assistance that cant make it in life because they are either too stupid or lazy to feed themselves and family...I don't think they need to have easy access to gamble their monthly checks online instead of feeding their families...yes you will argue they have the right to do as they want because they are adults...that's a joke...and you will say that the govt is taking more and more of our rights away from us which I agree, but because the govt realizes that most adults aren't responsible...point, just look at the headlines every day in the news...there is at least 5 accounts of things adults do that are so ****ing irresponsible...33 kids have died from heat exhaustion this year so far because adults left in them in their cars....STUPID...Jamie Gold and Jerry Yang both have or will have to sell their Main Event Bracelets because they are in trouble with the IRS...Bigger Stupid....yes these are people that are looked up to the poker community for a so called achievement and cant even pay their ****ing taxes...how many other pokers players out there are in the same boat that aren't public knowledge?....yes you will have better reasons to join in the crusade to boycott the Venetian and Sheldons efforts...gambling is fun, only if you have the money to spend and most people don't have money to spend, they are chasing some dream that they will hit it big and all their troubles will go away...and You and I know that's not the case...bottom line is this...its a STUPID article to boycott the Venetian during this time...do it when both poker players and the Venetian have something to lose...I think you just ran out of stuff to write about....Here's one to write about....How much money the Rio makes from poker players on the juice they charge to run these tournaments during the WSOP....now that's something to write about....Oh, that's right you cant do that article because you work for them....and if poker players realized that they may stop playing poker...yeah right....they still think Full Tilt going to give their money back...now that's a joke and something to write about...."


"I really don't think Sheldon is worrying about his profits...he is a billionaire...Billionaire...when you reach a status in life where money doesn't matter any longer and you are older, your next step is to help mankind...Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc...Sheldon is simply stating facts...online gambling is not safe or secure....when the Chinese are hacking into our Defense systems that is protected by the best security that money can buy and still not totally protect our National security, what do you think is going to happen to online poker and gambling...How about Russ Hamilton cheating online, or Fulltilt taking your money....You so called poker players cried your asses off when *******s like Howard Lederer stole your money at Fulltilt and then shoved it in your face when he plays at the Aria with your money...and got no jail time...Sheldon is just saving you the further embarrassment ..wake up....who the hell would leave more than a $1000 online for someone else to steal... the other point is that Americans are not responsible enough to have online gambling...they cant even pay their mortgages...Americans nowadays are just too irresponsible...And Mike ....was I lucky, you damn right I was...and I wasn't stupid and didn't quit my day job and nothing has changed in my life a bit....I didn't go blow my wad pretending I was good at poker....and btw I paid for my tournament buy in with money that I worked for at my day job...and that's probably what you should concentrate on doing better, that way you wouldn't be playing for nickels and dimes online...I guess you fall into the lazy category...."


"I agree with you...everyone should be able to do what they want with their money....but too many people after they have misfortune blame everyone else and the taxpayers and companies have to pick up the tab...examples: banks lend money to people buying a house-people don't pay their mortgage and then bank forecloses and its the banks fault...that's bull****...poker players lose money on fulltilt and want the govt to give it back....it was illegal to play online poker in the US...the govt confiscated the money(like they do drug dealers) and should keep it...Mike, you really just needed to get educated on reality, and common sense....I think online poker would be great in the US....and gambling....however, America really isn't ready for it and they will never be...they are way too irresponsible...think of the 33 kids that died in cars this year alone from heat exhaustion?....point proven...and I can certainly stand up and argue with you toe to toe and you have no chance whatsoever...you really have no idea how the country works, economics, politics and the constitution..."

His ignorant view of the Full Tilt scandal and comparing Poker players confiscated $$$ to drug money was what really made me think he was a complete tool. Keep in mind he is a mortgage broker when reading the part about lending/ mortgages.

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This is just too much opinion for me to handle. Bottom line is the if you want to gamble, you should be allowed to.

Too many laws and too much corruption, too much scandal for me to ever feel like they have my best interest at heart.

Oh well. It's a self licking icecream cone tha grows bigger and bigger each day.

Some of it's good, the basis is protection, but with stuff like gambling who are you really protecting? They'll do it anyway. Just like Prohibition. And to another degree the war on drugs.

The Govn't needs to get smart. Legalize weed and online poker, tax it and apply it to the federal deficit, nothing else. Shit would be paid down in no time.

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The US shouldn't have online poker because 33 American kids have died from heat exhaustion.

Yep, the logic.

And all americans are irresponsible because of this? Results oriented much, when the most optimal and common play is to not leave your kid in a car all day which I'm sure is excercised quite more than this outlier.

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He doesn't want online poker stealing players who could be in the casinos paying rake. He doesn't give a shit about the players finances...he just wants the people who made him a billionaire to spew on his property!

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Ridiculous posts... Random political talking points mixed in with a bunch of other garbage. And saying Adelson doesn't care about his profits? LOOOOOOOOOL

Well what do you expect from a drunken meathead.

And I like when he criticizes people for having a dream of running hot in a huge mtt when that's exactly what happened to him. What a douche bag.

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have played with steve several times in smaller series down in Florida,US. Hes just an awful human being,acts like hes the shit and this great poker player and hes just far from it and probably one of the softer spots in most mtts. I never have problems with anyone but when Ive played with him before just wanted to punch him in the face for the way he acts,it was terrible.

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Are all of these 33 deaths related to the parent/guardian gambling? Seems that is just the total number of children who have died of heat exhaustion in cars this year and has nothing to do with the specifics of each case.

No. It's just a random statistic that he thought he would throw into the online poker debate.

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