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chips1234 on Pokerstars real name Karl Curry stole over $10,000 from me

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demetri1978    0

Stole over $10,000 from me ,some information below

Full name:karl curry


frank&beans on 2+2 chips12354

Full address:1 cluaín oír, monamolin, gorey, county wexford, ireland

All your email addresses:karlcurry_20@yahoo.co.uk, karlcurry20@gmail.com

Phone number that I can ring you on now and contact you when I need you:353862333640

SKYPE/MSN/twitter etc :chips12342/no msn/ @chips1234_180


Will pay money to anyone that can give me some decent information on this guy



god damn it ,not sure how to post pictures ffs



posts here to ...


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wackyJaxon    2

plenty ,but i really don't think many are going to question my side ...i'm a pretty well known backer here and on 2+2 (100s of horses)...if for some MENTAL reason he comes in and says this is lies i will post plenty of proof...but he won't

Demetri - I know you are a well respected backer. Any chance you can provide a little background to the story? Best of luck dealing with this. Added an undertitle to chips12354 on PocketFives.


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demetri1978    0

Hey ,thank you for your time ...here is an update i left on 2+2 ...(he was with me for years,stole few 100 recently i let it go ...must have taken my kindness for weakness and cashed out most of the bankroll the other day ,says he was drunk etc etc ,but why would i believe that and why would i care anyway ....stealing is stealing)

All these posts on forums and contacting people on FB etc has taken some effect it seems

I just got some money sent to my account and then this message on skype ...

"i know that obv wasnt my intentions you've been so good to me all the time i know your not a mug i just wanna make this right asap the total MU from .fr is €2000 and then there is $3600 from .com so its somewhere around 6k in dollars i owe you is that right "

Crazy he did what he did,i always tried to help him out ...and he knows if he really needed a few 1,000 he could of just taken it out of the roll on my say so ...unreal how stupid some people can be

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demetri1978    0

update ...

[21:16:42] chips1234 PS: update: MU = -$2430 audit: http://www7.pokerstars.com/reports/CCN15LV720140609161112.zip before you look at the audit i have to confess that last sunday and last tuesday i made withdraws totalling $991 that i made while i was drunk i cant even remember making them or how i even spent it, and didnt see that i had made them until thursday night when i started playing, i did make that money back over the weekend. Can you please not go crazy it was more stupid decisions i made while i was drunk while i know thats not an excuse at all and the fact i made it back doesnt matter but can you please refrain from posting this i will grind the $2430 MU and you can drop me then or if you dont want to continue backing me i can find another backer to back so i can pay you back but i obv wont be able to find another one if you post about this so please think before going off on one and before posting thank you

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