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Mr. Blonde


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I've got my hand lubed up, just laying here in bed,

Wondering if I should rub out a quick one, or jump in this thread

I'm leaning towards option A; besides I'm too tired for this crap

And I feel if I post my own poem, I'm falling into Blonde's trap

Mine was New Year's, not Xmas, and I didn't want to inherit this shit

I just thought by out writing him, I could get him to quit

But of course, my plan backfired, and I'm just a sucker

So let's get some rhymes going up in this motherfucker

Last year was planned out, and full of OT links galore

This one's short notice, so I apologize if I bore

A quick scan of the OP to see what's already been mentioned

Disclaimer: anything said beyond this point is not really ill-intentioned

Let's see...a shot out to Wowswift and FMXer, done with such class

Then LeftyC and Sinnr, to continue the theme of ghosts of OT past

The clemsonrich's sister - man growing up he must have been in a quandary

Should he spy on her when she showers, or go jack off in her laundry?

I'd like to bash Suthereader here, but that's already been done

I wish I'd red x'd that dumb bitch on day one

In fact, all the stuff I want to discuss was already written in this thread

So I'll guess I'll move on with my own xmas list instead

Dear Santa,

What's up, you fat white bearded fuck?

You know what wouldn't make this xmas not suck?

Get some bitches up in here, OT's overrun with guys

Give us more blackkidlaughing from NCJ, less phish videos from lengthwise

More ALL CAPS FROM AMARTIN, more rants from Miss Kip

Less posts about global warming from guys whose names start with Nip

And Santa, although saca's thread doesn't deserve its new found stricture

Things would be more entertaining if you could get his GF out of the picture

And I'd also like...fuck it, I'm interrupting myself in mid beat

I'll press on without editing, ain't no one got time to press delete

Whatever I was going to say, let me say this instead

Santa, please Santa, make Localface update his motherfucking thread

We let him dupe us again, in Vegas we couldn't wait to see what he'd do

Now we're stuck here pressing F5, our balls 50 shades of blue

And if I'm on your super nice list, Santa, one more thing would be great

Can you make it 2005 again?

Yours truly

JK (class of '08)

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