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merge disconnection problems

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I have had lots of trouble with Merge and getting disconnected from there web sites lately.. I have had tournaments shut down on me and have had lots of tournament games get disconnected. I have been with Carbon for 10 years and never had any problems of this such and asked for refunds for all my games..they told me that i cant have a refund for my games..these guys just lost a good poker player because they dont know how to take care of there players and could give a shit less. If they would of had investigated they would of seen that im not making this up...Merge can go to hell!! Id advise all you to take your money off that site..bunch of thieves that just dont quite give a damn!! ill take my business elsewhere

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@ Neddy Flanders..i bought in a $11 3k 6max tourney..Ran for 7 hours then got to the final table with 6 left and it shut down!! I was playing about 6 the other night and it kept going on and off line..Not on my end. Plenty of other players were complaining and they thiink im making it up. They said because i moved all in i was not disconnected. Ya i moved all in with like 11 left because i was about to get blinded out. If they investigated like they said they did they would be refunding me for all them 6 tournies. They basically told me to fuck off!!!!

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i deleted my account with merge..going to try ACR out. To be honest with you im just ready to move so i can play on Pokerstars or Party Poker. Sick of these sites treating UNITED STATES PLAYERS LIKE SHIT. I was with Merge for 10 years and they couldnt make it right. Not once have i complained and when i do im making it up..HAHAHAHAHAHAH...MERGE JUST LOST MY BUSINESS..OH WELL..LIFE GOES ON

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