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Never folding JJ pre on bovada right?

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i have JJ utg-+2......i open standard. Get a flatted by one guy. Then get 3 bet by the cuttoff. blinds are 30-60. I have no info on either player and no reason to be bluffed. I have 3500 chips....i feel like on bovada its just a jam and hope for AK TT MAYBE 99....but i feel like its either a fold or jam pre. I feel like this spot comes up often early in tournaments and i feel like half the time i jam it in and the other times i just flat and get owned. Whats the most profitable way to handle this.

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Ok so, lets try this.

Not many Bovada Tourneys are re entry, like almost every other freeking site we play in the US. Where u can re enter for hours.

If you don't open shove, either call the 3 bet and see a flop, or fold.

But hey, they have more traffic than other US sites so u can get back in something fairly quickly.

I'm not a big fan of Bovada, but I had a 500+ cash yesterday & a couple small ones today.

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