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True Detective - HBO

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The anticipation is killing me.

Me too. Since we are so close I am going to write out some of my guesses as to what I think is going on. Just to see how far off I am, but beware that they may contain SPOILERS...

I think the guys at the top are the Tuttle's and different Sheriffs we have seen or heard about. 5 main guys in animal masks taking part in the rape and sacrifice of Marie Fontenot and Dora Lange are Billy Lee Tuttle, Ed Tuttle, Sheriff Tate, Sheriff Ted Childress, and either Sam Tuttle or the other Sheriff mentioned by the lady who owns the whore house where Dora Lange was a prostitute. Also possibly Maggie's dad...

I think Errol, Reggie Ledoux, and his cook friend were in charge of retrieving the kids used in sacrifices, drugging them, and disposing of them. Errol was given away as Sheriff Ted Childress' son by Delores, the old woman who used to work for Sam Tuttle.

Steve Geruci and Jerry Sandusky looking guy are dirty cops who cover up crimes and are bribed to let them go unsolved. I think the stick sculptures might be clues left by the cult to let the dirty cops know which crimes need to be covered up.

I think the Yellow King is a collection of sorts from all the different sacrificial killings. I believe this because of the similarities between the show and the book, The King in Yellow by Robert Chambers. The book is a collection of short stories.

I think Carcosa is a place that you enter when you participate in or witness a sacrificial killing. A sort of place in your mind that you can never escape because of the horrors that can't be erased.

I also think Audrey and Maggie were abused by her dad, again possibly being a animal mask wearer. I think Marty will die and Rust lives on.

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gonna have to watch again, a lot of dialogue was hard to hear or just went over my head...

I still hate how they copped out with the random coincidences with the daughter...fucking weak imo


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Cannot wait for an extremely hungover day so I can rip through 8 straight episodes

Did Woody ever find a phone to let the black detectives know their location or did they put a trace on them?

yeah he put the gun to her head and got a phone and called it in before he went after rust I think

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word word...I def still liked it and will watch all the eps again soon...the red herring wasn't needed tho. They coulda just made it 3 guys around the barbie, purposely did 5 to fuck with people.

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fucking gay gay gaybrams would do something like this...just thought TD was above it that's all


This is my main gripe...how could this not be addressed? Besides that I am pretty happy with the finale. Is it assumed that the rest of the people in the Fontenot sacrifice video are the Tuttles and Childress's? Is Errol's half sister or whoever it was that he was fucking half Tuttle and half Childress, thus connecting the families?

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