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* 2014 TCOOP Contest (sign-up thread) *

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wackyJaxon    12

Contest includes all TCOOP events except the $2,100 HR.

$200 entry to be sent to WackyJaxon on Stars or FTP. (If anyone wants a higher entry fee for a separate contest, post in this thread.)

Deadline for entry is January 23 5am ET when the first event begins.

Scoring will be based off the P5s PLB system and a leaderboard page will be set-up within the first few days of the contest.

Contest is winner takes all if less than 10 people. More than 10 its 80% for first 20% for 2nd.

Rules of the contest are already set, so this thread is just for sign-ups before the contest starts and posting rail hands and discussion after the contest starts.

Entrants (6-$1,200)

1) Geraldo22

2) Smurfehits (fullhouseiii on Stars)

3) Luckierno7 (Luckyno75 on Stars)

4) Scarer

5) jareth3542

6) fzkk (cocojamb0 on Stars)


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wackyJaxon    12

Any chance of doing a lower stakes one? Might get more interest.

Also, once there was a team entry? will this happen again?


Sure, make a recommendation, since this was put up last minute, wasn't expecting a huge draw.

I'm sure team entry will happen again for certain contests. Similar to the first answer, was only expecting a handful of people and wanted to help motivate a few people that were interested with a contest. Maybe for FTOPs someone else will put up a team hotrunners type of contest.


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