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Winning Network OSS III Team Competition - anyone interested?

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whens deadline to let you know by? im a maybe

Buy in $50

Deadline for teams = March 21

Deadline for payment = March 25

Payment on BCP, True or ACR

I may charge an admin fee this time for running this, it's a pain and I may have to pay an affiliate to move money site to site so this will come off the top of the prize pool.

Do we want to do top two, three or winner take all?

That's from two pages back :D

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Also everyone should post what you're playing for captians.

Ill be playing everything up to 200 maybe a 500 or 2 but not all of them.

I also have some exams that week so might have to take a day off.

FYI Captians

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Do you guys want me to be a captain? I'm really disconnected from the poker world tbh I would have no idea who i was drafting

I you don't mind, I'll have links to everyone's P5s pages so you can see how everyone's scorakes on Winning look. Since it's a snake draft it doesn't matter too much except for 1st pick as a rule. I'll help you out.

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Deadline for saying you are in or out is TODAY! It will be final as of midnight est tonight. All payment will be due on Tuesday, the 25th. If payment is not received by midnight Tuesday you won't be in the draft.

I'll post information about payment either later today or tomorrow.

Please look at the list in the link below and see if your name is there and in the right place. Right now we have an uneven number, if none of the maybes confirm and all the confirmed pay. In the event we have an uneven number the player with the lowest lifetime earnings will be dropped, I know that sucks but I don't know of any other way to do it since we have to have an even number.

The buy in is $50 and I think BCP will be acceptable and ACR, I'll confirm that later today.

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