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So Many Possible Lines...But Which is Best?


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pgt4jc    1

Background: Live $350 tourney. 60 runners. 16 remain. 7 get paid. Blinds are 500/1000 with 100 ante

Villain: Is a real LAG. Have seen him on multiple times get to showdown with complete air. Range includes any 2 suited cards or connected cards...and I mean any. He does seem competent though and is using the aggression to his advantage. At start of hand in question he has 45000 (45bb)

Me/Hero: I've been playing fairly solid and another player has recently commented to the table about me that "Man I can't get a read on this guy". I've been picking and choosing my spots wisely and have not had to go to show-down at this table. If anything villain probably perceives me to be tight but I've 3-bet him a few times with success and he's bet me off some pots as well. At start of hand in question I have 27000 (27bb)

Hand for Review: We are 6-handed. I'm on the button and action has folded to me.

-With blinds and antes, pot is 2100 and I raise to 2200 with Ah4h

-SB folds and Villain in BB 3bets to 5500

-I flat


Flop: As 5c 8c

-Villain bets 4000

- I raise to 9000

Villain insta shoves

I tank for 30 seconds or so before I remember him doing this exact same line earlier with a flush draw. I call for my remaining 12400.

Villain shows: Qc6c

Turn: 2s

River: 9c ...but you knew that already didn't you...wouldn't be posting if he bricked the river. :)

Ok so have at it! Many options to discuss here from pre-flop raise size to should I have 4-bet pre. If so how much?

Assuming the same line pre, what about post flop? Looking at it now my raise/stack size gave him the correct odds to push on me. So should I have just jammed? My thought was my raise made it pretty obvious that I was pot committed and I thought he'd fold to pressure (again he had done so earlier in other pots where I applied pressure). Had it not been for me remembering he did this exact same line earlier, I may have folded. If so would that have been too nitty? IOW was I indeed pot committed or can I fold here and play shove/fold for an orbit or 2 hoping for double up or at least get back into a 20+bb stack size? I didn't think based on his image that flatting the flop was an option because I had seen him fire multiple bullets with air previously...IOW I didn't think I was getting a check on the turn regardless of what cards he had so I wanted to be the aggressor.

Thanks in advance...look forward to your input.

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mdshack14    0

I would say that 4 bet shoving pre is the best play if you really want to avoid going up against a super wide range post flop. I think this is a really great point in the tourney to show that you are willing to put it all in. As played I think I'm probably shoving the flop. There's 16k in the pot right now so scooping that would put you close to 40bbs and give you a bit more room to play. You were right in wanting the be the aggressor, you just weren't quite aggressive enough. Either way, I still don't think the villain folds but I think that shoving instead of raising here is still better knowing that we're going to have to dodge two streets anyway.

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ZenZomb13    0

With the info you gave on aggro villian, 4b rip pre flop would be my line here... he is 3b folding a huge % I'd say. It's tough for me to give advice post flop as I am likely not going to be in this situation. gg tho, get em next time!

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pgt4jc    1

Thanks guys. My thought in the moment was a pre-flop 4bet shove might be a bit light on my end. I'm usually the guy trying to be aggro...get someone wanting to make a play on me and then when they do I have a huge hand and they're like, "Oh man the time I decide to play back he wakes up with a monster". So there was that part of me that thought I was ahead but there was also the part going, "I'll look like an idiot shoving my remaining 25bb and he has my weak ace dominated.

In any case, this hand has so many things to learn from...thanks for helping me think through it. Still appreciate anyone elses thoughts.

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