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Staking Marketplace Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting or Sending PMs!!

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1) ONLY post new threads in this forum if you are interested in selling online or live action in a single tournament, day of tournaments, or series of events. This forum is not intended for long-term staking.

2) Please see this thread for 2 generally accepted methods of selling action.

3) All action should remain as public as possible. It is generally fine if you are cross posting your action somewhere else, but you should keep up to date how much is sold and at a minimum which P5ers have which percentages of your action. At a bare minimum, before action is started you should state a list of all P5ers that have action to prevent any potential disputes at a later time.

4) When posting action, the total package value, how much you are selling, and mark-up or splits should be clear as should be the form and intervals of communication during (if at all) and after the stake. For example, if you are planning to rely on public wifi to provide updates to your investors throughout a tournament, you should state as much in your post so people understand you may only be able to post an update at the end of a day's action. Also, it is recommended that at a minimum updates are provided when a tournament day is over and also post a recap after the tournament(s) are played. Posts are not allowed that are completely ambiguous and/or open ended. Periodic updates must happen in your staking marketplace thread, however, you can provide more frequent updates on other media such as Twitter.

5) The time frame for payouts should be made clear. It is understandable when it is not easy to payout immediately when cashing in a tournament or series. The WSOP is a good example, where someone might not be able to payout until a week after the WSOP is over. If this is not stated ahead of time, it is a fair assumption that payouts will be made immediately after the posted action is completed.

6) Any links to poker sites that can be construed as spam, will be instantly deleted, and you will most likely be permanently banned from P5s. The same is the case for any type of spam posted. Note that you can post links to the following statistics sites: Hendon Mob, thepokerdb/Bluff, Sharkscope, and OPR. Other statistics sites may or may not be allowed but it is conceivable that they would not be allowed to be linked.

7) Skype address, Facebook profile links, email addresses, or anything similar are not allowed to be posted in this forum. If using a payment method that requires an email address, you can exchange this information via PMs.

8) Trolling or posting off-topic replies in this forum is strictly prohibited.

9) This forum's purpose is not to evaluate and comment on the poker playing ability of members who request staking.

10) Unsolicited PMs are not allowed. Before sending a PM, you must post in the thread you are interested in buying action. Violations of this rule can lead to a permanent loss of your private messaging and/or ban from PocketFives. This rule also applies to anyone sending unsolicited PMs for staking from outside this forum as well.

11) Thread with titles with one or more words in all caps will be deleted.

12) If you have any issues with moderation in this forum or with particular posts, please use the Report Post function.

13) Any staker/stakee relationship you enter in is at your own risk. PocketFives.com does not endorse any staker or stakee and is not liable for any damages encountered.

14) All other general PocketFives rules apply in this thread. PocketFives also reserves the right to delete a post/thread or suspend posting privileges for any reason as we see fit.

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