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7Delux OT Staking Issue

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bwalz    0


Would I loan this person the money if I saw them on the street and they asked me for it? Do I know that this person is going to hunt me down and pay me the money within a few days? If the answers to both questions are yes, then I still say no because I don’t loan out money in poker rooms.

super good read thanks for posting and i concur.

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double_kyan    0

iplayed in minny with chris fox with him couple months ago had cool poker talk going on

the table broke and we each had to take the remaining open seat on two diff tables

he walked up to my table real quick to tell me about the fish station 2 to my left, i said thanks

it paid off about 5 hands into the table i just abused the dude,thanx fox if u read this


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so wait, this fucking guy still hasnt paid you the hundo?

wtf is wrong with people lol , jesus

I would if it was anyone other than donkwood, just so I could feel like a massive boss for 2 minutes.

seriously tho, I was on vacation, and came back, and read a couple pages of this , and this guy makes some full retard post about a savings account and interest, and getting a job to pay back 100 fucking dollars , and I skipped to the end to learn he hasnt paid up

lol ridiculous

A+ posts imo

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