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Play in the P5s Open Football Edition on June 27

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The PocketFives Open is back! We're celebrating the off-day of the big football tournament in Brazil by holding the PocketFives Open - Football Edition on 888 Poker. It's on June 27, so mark your calendars. Take a break from rooting for your favorite team before the knockout stage begins by playing in a $2,500 added tournament that's also awarding ten $25 FIFA Gift Cards, plenty of PocketFives Gear, and free PocketFives Training. The $2,500 is generously added courtesy of 888.

If you have an 888 Poker account, you're welcome to play. If you don't have one, anyone who signs up for 888 Poker through the links on PocketFives, deposits, and plays in the Open will get a free PocketFives t-shirt delivered to their doorstep. Plus, you'll get one free month of PocketFives Training with no sign-up fee, a $30 value. Register for 888 Poker through this link. E-mail support@pocketfives.com to claim the shirt and Training.

Here are the details:

Site: 888 Poker

Registration: Sign up for 888 Poker here

Date: Friday, June 27

Time: 19:00 UK Time

Late Registration: 15 minutes

Tournament Name: PocketFives Open - Football Edition

Tournament ID: 59166276

Buy-In: $11

Password: P5sOpenWorld

The $2,500 in added cash, in addition to the regular prize pool, will be given out to the top 10 finishers. 11th through 20th places will get a $25 FIFA Gift Card:

1st Place: $750 Added + P5s t-shirt - SuarezisKing on 888 SuarezisKing on P5s

2nd Place: $500 Added + P5s t-shirt - mihtralex on 888

3rd Place: $300 Added + P5s t-shirt - istnotluck on 888 Itsnotluck on P5s

4th Place: $250 Added + P5s t-shirt - polovka67 on 888 Polovka67 on P5s

5th Place: $200 Added + P5s t-shirt - spadleyMK2 on 888 Spadley on P5s

6th Place: $150 Added + P5s t-shirt - iMarius. on 888 IMarius on P5s

7th Place: $125 Added + P5s t-shirt - bigbossman7 on 888 Bigbossman1 on P5s

8th Place: $100 Added + P5s t-shirt - runfishpl on 888 Runfish on P5s

9th Place: $75 Added + P5s t-shirt - sasucu on 888

10th Place: $50 Added + P5s t-shirt - gemixx on 888 Gemixx on P5s

11th to 20th Places: $25 FIFA Gift Card

11th - kunxxx on 888

12th - robbind57 on 888 robbind57 on P5s

13th - lesson58 on 888

14th - BeerShake on 888 Shaker on P5s

15th - pruac_ on 888 PRUAC on P5s

16th - AggroMoron1 on 888

17th - iubesclore on 888 macanaky on P5s

18th - coco1263 on 888 coco1263 on P5s

19th - Al4syth on 888 Allanforsyth on P5s

20th - daleys1970 on 888 daleys1970 on P5s

21st to 40th Places: 1 Free Month of P5s Training

21st - VadimUlm on 888

22nd - pretyabigail on 888 Prettypaulie on P5s

23rd - Archerito on 888 Arquerito on P5s

24th - outletbiti on 888 outletbiti on P5s

25th - pizdec_vsemy on 888

26th - Weissrr on 888 Weissr on P5s

27th - serg0013 on 888 serg0013 on P5s

28th - candy_cards on 888 Candygirl_224 on P5s

29th - camiG20 on 888 camiG20 on P5s

30th - Whitezulu14 on 888

31st - mnimoe on 888 Mnimoe on P5s

32nd - TomH1559 on 888 Tom1559 on P5s

33rd - pinupgirl on 888

34th - pjda75 on 888

35th - chris110118 on 888

36th - coxlaud on 888

37th - TL900 on 888 MtSpewmore on P5s

38th - DeVmOn on 888

39th - Uno_Pro on 888

40th - dimets1985 on 888

55th Place: P5s t-shirt - Getbackerss

Bounties: Knock any of them out to get a P5s hoodie, shirt, or hat:

decamps - Derek1960 on 888

squire1888 - Jacobite22 on 888

geraldo22 - MacAulish on 888 - BadWolfOne

By the way, Derek "decamps" Decamps has been playing football since the age of 10. He has played on clubs in France, Greece, South Africa, and Norway and is currently playing for the Norwegian Tipeliggaen football club.

We'll see everyone on the football tournament's off day on June 27!


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Bounties are now posted! Here's who you can knock out to get a free PocketFives hoodie, t-shirt, or hat:

Decamps - Derek1960 on 888

Geraldo22 - Jacobite22 on 888

squire1888 - MacAulish on 888

Thanks so much to these guys for playing!

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Another shot at a 'badge'! :)

Thanks for the tourney. Really lookin' forward to it. (I'm 11th reg'd.)

Awesome! Yes, another shot at a permanent profile badge. We're happy there's one day off in the big football tourney we can hold this on.

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why only 55th place getting a p5 tshirt? or is it 41st to 55th place: P5s t-shirt.

If its correct in case there are less than 55 player what will happened to that tshirt?

There will be more than 55 players. I'm guessing we'll get around 150 to 200 players. The 55 is a play on PocketFives. So, we have a tradition of giving 55th place in P5s Opens a shirt. The top 10 all get P5s shirts too.

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