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Merge Deposit and Cashouts

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No payment here for me, will update once money is in my bank account.

Requested 3/22

It's absolutely ridiculous that I can't request another check before my previous one is approved/processed. Luckily (oh the irony) I've yet to win anything substantial, just several scores for under 5k. People who have 20k+ on the site.... takes years to get the $$ off or what??

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Here is a long list of people who have yet to be paid over at the 2+2 forum thread:

Checks yet "Pending" beyond 5 weeks


jbhopko/Feb 10

boo__zer/Feb 10

suspect76/Feb 16

ThatsAGoodCard/Feb 16

runrunrunrunrunr/Feb 17

DaYu/Feb 19

Ownit/Feb 20

surf doc/Feb 23/max

TheTruthSpeaks/Feb 23

MrSoloDolo17/Feb 23/max

rainman3333/Feb 23

Studsucks/Feb 24

Zan/Feb 25

rraid4life/Feb 25

kingriver321/Feb 26

lotuspod2/Feb 26/max

mtndewrules/Feb 26

DrMcIrish/Feb 26

thomask/Feb 27/max

catfan217/ Feb 27

GREEAR10/Feb 27

TakingIt/Feb 27

dzapp/Feb 27/max

WowLucky/Feb 28

mjstrouse/March 1

mathieupoker/March 3/max

blumpkin/March 3/max

darthxaos/March 7


Majicarp/March 9

_Goldseraph_/March 10/max

CtrlAltDel/March 12/max

strat88990/March 21

RedTubber/March 21

daddybush/March 24/$2000

c0uch_p0tat0/March 26

lvcjarrett/March 28

derSchwartz/April 1/$300

DrStone/April 3/max

justwaiting4stars/April 4

JT3013/April 4/max

Checks recently "Processed" beyond 5 weeks


jsyg320/Feb 13/May 6/??

ThatsAGoodCard/Feb 16/May 6/??

Domino/Feb 17/April 30/May 6

eric79/Feb 18/May 6/May 13

la2bs91/Feb 18/May 6/??

stoneyq2/Feb 20/May 6/??

eugene12825/Feb 21/May 6/??

eddiep68/Feb 22/May 6/May 13

ahab45/Feb 23/April 30/May 6

Tony Tannoni/Feb 23/April 30/??

Trent32la/Feb 26/May 12/??

thedonator716/March 19/April 30/May 11

Recently received Skrill


READLESS/March 28/May 5

suchsickaments/April 3/May 5

Jimboozie/April 9/May 5

complexion/April 12-17/May 11

Bankwire yet outstanding beyond 5 weeks


PokerInsiderMan/April 4/$5000

Recently received Bankwire


Donegal1234/April 7/May 5

Contact derSchwartz on 2+2 forum to be added to the list.

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So my cashout was a little less than $1,000 so they winded up changing mine to Western Union and I got the Money in hand today.

Check Requested 2/24

changes to Western Union and

received 5/19

Would be nice if they left the option to get future cashouts that way, but I don't see it.

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"Your withdrawal requested on 2/26/2015 for an amount of $2500.00 still shows as "pending", meaning that our department in charge is still working on your request. Please bear in mind that check withdrawals take a timeframe of 3-5 weeks to complete, as this process includes, processing, issuance and delivery. Once we have completed the withdrawal transaction we will certainly let you know through email or account messaging.

Despite this timeframe stated above, it is important to let you know that we are experiencing a high volume of withdrawals, which may cause some transactions to be slightly delayed. The best way to understand this situation is as follows. Please just imagine that your withdrawal is currently on the highway that leads home, however there is a big traffic jam on it, even though we know how far in the process your withdrawal is at, we are not sure how long it is going to take for it to reach the correct exit. Given this situation, I will not be able to provide you with a date or time of when is this is going to be marked as complete."

Lol @ the traffic metaphor

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