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Bovada Deposits and Cashouts

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have received numerous checks and never had an issue until now. I deposited check via ATM on the 6th. Went to get cash out today. I was told by my bank that the check had a routing number that didn't exist and it was a fraudulent check. Called bovada and they said the check was legit and to get the check back from the bank or get a letter from bank saying check was fraudulent and they would make it right. My bank doesn't have my check to give back and I have yet to receive a letter. The banker I talked to seemed to be giving me the run around. Any suggestions on what to do???

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My apologies if this has already been mentioned earlier in the thread, but has anyone else had any issues with cash outs from Carbon Poker? What I'm curious about, is that whenever they send me a check for a cashout, they send me 5 cents more than I requested. For example, I cashed out $600.00 a few months ago, and when I received the check, it was for $600.05. I didn't question it because I figured I might have typed $600.05 to cash out instead and not realized it. However, I cashed out $200.00 recently, and I got the check a few days ago and it was for $200.05.

Has anyone else had that happened? I checked my transaction history on my account and it confirms I cashed out exactly $600.00 and $200.00, not $600.05 and $200.05. I'm not too concerned about it, but I don't want this to somehow come back to bite me in the ass and have Carbon Poker come up to me years later asking for 10 cents with years of interest and fees or whatever.

For what it's worth, I brought this issue to Live chat and they were not helpful. They kept telling me to clear my cache and cookies on my browser, so I don't think they understood what I was saying since I mentioned I am physically holding a check that is for a greater amount of money than I requested.

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Raise, I just made a deposit of a Bovada check at P * *. I attempted to deposit it through the drive thru teller, but I was told to enter the bank. What they told me was that since it wasn't made payable to a US bank (aka a foreign check), it had to be sent out to be processed. I was not charged a processing fee (as of now), and I already have the money in my account. Not sure what's going on there.

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Request - 6/22

Received - 6/25

ATM has rejected it outright. Afraid to take to a teller.

Recommended next step?

I have deposited numerous checks and two different banks and have never once had a teller ask me anything. Only thing ever to happen out of the norm is that they have said occasionally that funds won't be available till the check clears.

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Received a check 2 days ago, deposited it, then the bank called me telling me they deal with foreign checks at their "headquarters" so they said they are "sending" the check there, I asked how long he said "a couple of days". (fantastic timeline)

I have cashed out numerous times before with no problems, so I don't know. Will keep this updated when I hear something back or when it clears.

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Bovada Check

Requested-6/21(sat. morning)

Processed-Two hours

Received-Still Waiting(6/26@18:00 eastern))

It's for a small amount, and it's my 'free one' for the month. I wonder if these factors have extended the 3-4 days that everybody else is quoting? I'm not sweating it, just wondering. Still better than a couple years ago(Cake, Lock, Merge) when six weeks+ was standard.

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