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26$ full tilt tough spot OOP vs random readless


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billisill    0

Full Tilt Poker Game #32743124398: $12,000 Guarantee (254552299), Table 32 - NL Hold'em - 60/120 - 14:22:34 ET - 2013/05/30

Seat 1: MAGN3 (3,195)

Seat 2: GVDweer_pinnen (2,630)

Seat 3: _rAbbitbrAin_1 (1,925)

Seat 4: Bills iLL (7,500)

Seat 5: MyTrueColours (6,585)

Seat 6: PokerSnoop1 (3,180)

Seat 7: jbrow8777 (1,718)

Seat 8: SorrisoRS (5,190)

Seat 9: kazzka (1,603)

_rAbbitbrAin_1 posts the small blind of 60

Bills iLL posts the big blind of 120

The button is in seat #2

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to Bills iLL [Jd Td]

MyTrueColours folds

PokerSnoop1 raises to 240

jbrow8777 folds

SorrisoRS has 15 seconds left to act

SorrisoRS calls 240

kazzka folds

MAGN3 folds

GVDweer_pinnen folds

_rAbbitbrAin_1 folds

Bills iLL has 15 seconds left to act

Bills iLL calls 120

*** FLOP *** [Qd 3s 3d] (Total Pot: 780, 3 Players)

Bills iLL checks

PokerSnoop1 bets 444

SorrisoRS folds

bills ill ??

hey guys this is my first time posting in the strategy forums although i have been reading them for a while, just wanted to get your opnions

reviewing some hands and came across an awkward spot. searched villian he is a rec with only a cpl hundred tournies abi of 26 and -67 roi

new to the table no reads.

cant decide whether to c/r get it in, or to call, my thoughts were that by c/r our range looks fairly weak due to the fact the only value hand we can really have is a 3. On top of that, due to stacks and board texture i feel like if i call flop he will shut down turn alot and i will be able to take him off lots of rivers.

but on the other side i am thinking he maybe he is too short for the above to be optimal and should just be getting it in from an equity standpoint vs a random any thoughts? thanks


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kevmode    0

I would just call on the flop and see what he does on the turn. The board is paired and you only have a jack high flush draw so I am not thrilled about your hand. You also can't hit any overs with the Queen out there so I would check call the flop. On the turn you can see what comes and if he checks back on the turn you can decide on the river whether or not you want to bluff or not. If he has just ace high or a hand like 66 he might fold if you bluff the river and there are some over cards out there.

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tyson219    0

I agree with Kev. You can also mix it up on the flop and/or the turn and lead flop, reval turn. Or c/c flop, lead turn, re-eval. There's lots of ways you can put yourself in a position to win this hand postflop. Of them, a c/r on the flop is my least favorite.

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Gags30    0

seems like a real easy flop call. ther'es not that many 4x in your range, and you woudn't be c/r many Qx hands...so when you c/r you reallllly rep thin. it's good to not always be c/f on a diamond turn too, so having flush draws in your range is fine.

re-evaluate on the turn, if it goes check check i don't hate betting a lot of river cards


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billisill    0

Thanks guys. I agree with c/r being my least favorite. I think I have a better chance of taking him off of mid pairs and some big ace highs by the river by just calling the flop as we are repping really thin by raising.This is definitely my standard but I was reviewing hands with a friend and he suggested that I was giving away equity and his standard was to c/r all in because of stack sizes. he comes from more of a turbo background so maybe that's why he was leaning towards c/r.


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fmxs76    0

I don't like the check-raise on the flop, it turns our hand into a semi-bluff and if he jams we are likely to be way behind his 4 bet jamming range - if we call we're hoping we hit our flush and he doesn't hold A or K high flush, is pairing a J or T helping us if he has For sure, I think he continuation bets 100% of the time on this board with any pair, Ax and any hand that hold a Q. It's unlikely he has a 3.

I edge to calling his CBET on the flop and re-evaluate turn. At this point we got a lot of outs to a runner-runner straight and flush. JTs isn't a powerhouse hand, but I think if another diamond comes Turn we're getting it in.

Definitely consensus is call and re-evaluate turn.

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