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99 madness or fair play


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i have 37bb guy in the cut off has 20bb the small blind has 22bb and big blind has 15bb , table dynamics the guy in c/o has regularly bluffed and I have a tight image, every time i have re raised he folds and is raising every 2 pot, sb and bb are super tight only calling with ak aa kk qq, we have been playing for hrs starting field 18000+ down to last 120 players . guy behind me raises 3bb there is 5.5 bb or 105k in the middle so i jam after about 3/4 of a bottle of whiskey which i know is not good, but was this really terrible play as sb calls and the other two fold , did i get unlucky as he had kings and with the icm raising steeply for the winner 17k i was knocked out getting 88 dollars, if i was sober would have flat called and folded to a raise with a better position to add to my stack but with a 12.5 % increase looked good at the time. just gutted as if i had sat out would of won around 600 dollars. any advice apart from don't drink.

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i assume the cutoff made the initial raise....than no...don't think it's bad at all to shove here since he only has 20bb's...and i don't think you can flat here as you really don't have enough odds to flat ( this value fluctuates for me from 15:1 to 20:1 depending on the player) but i think you're at about 7:1 to flat and setmine. So ur only choices are really shove or fold....as if u raise i think ur priced in to a call vs the 20bb stack (without seeing this in a replayer i'm sort of winging it here with the numbers) So I think i like the shove since there is FE vs a laggy player. UL that the sb woke with a hand.

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Helps a lot if you have the hand history

It seems as though the cutoff raised and you were the button and you shoved around 20bb effectively with 99. This seems like a pretty fine play, especially if th cutoff had been active and opening a lot. In fact, I would shove much wider here vs a loose aggressive opener.

As I a final word, if you're trying to focus and get better at poker then you probably shouldn't be drinking as you play. I know people like to relax and have a few drinks, and that's fine for recreational play, but you can focus better and think more clearly if you're sober

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