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Some Quick Help? Buying Used Car and Need Help Choosing.

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also having to look for a car right. so for those of you who are more familiar, where do you recommend looking? autotrader?

I recommend finding a new, prior year model of whatever interests you most. Depending on what you're looking for, dealerships may have some on the lot that they are eager to get rid of. This way, you get full warranty, best financing rates, best incentives and biggest discount. I do this every time I buy a car (most recently bought a 2013 model in April 2014). On these models you have significantly more leverage against the dealer than on a current (or next) year model, or even on a used car.

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best choice would be either the 2001 bmw 740il or the caddy.

the drivers car is the bmw while the caddy is the more tech/feature filled car.

jaguar is the fastest, but being supercharged that's one more moving part to worry about having issues with on a 13 year old car and that engine is prone to head gasket failure which would cost between 2500 - 4500 to fix.

750il: had a lot of recent work done, has more miles than the 740, and do you really need a 12 cylinder.

mercedes is the oddball in your options. its a 2 door "sporty" coupe vs every other option being a 4 door touring car + the mileage is crazy on it.

i'd personally go for the 740 vs the caddy because i actually like to drive my cars, but if you prefer all the luxury options and don't mind something that drives like a boat the caddy wouldn't be a bad choice either.

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also having to look for a car right. so for those of you who are more familiar, where do you recommend looking? autotrader?

Depends on the type of car you're looking at and cost factors. Autotrader is definitely a good starting point for finding a car but there are a lot of other sources depending on the car. If it's a car that has a huge following and passionate owners I'd keep an eye on model specific forums. Main thing is don't rush into buying a car.

Burro's advice could be good depending on the car you're looking to purchase and how much you can afford....for me, I can't really drop 35-45K on a car atm but my taste is heavily geared towards sport sedans that were originally 50K+. So for me, the best choice would be to find a private seller trying to unload a 6-8 year old model under 75K miles in the 20-30K range, do my homework and make sure the known weak points are still solid on the car and go that route. I understand some people may consider a 7 year old car ancient but there are plenty of amazing rides older than that which will put a smile on your face every time you step in them. I tend to believe you're paying more for peace of mind when you get a warranty and the premium you pay to buy from a dealer is almost never equal to the cost of repairs you'll incur during the warranty period.

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I have to wonder how much that statement above is based on actual knowledge about these cars. I did a little searching on the BMW 740 and oil changes look anything but hard and something myself (with no real auto training) could do. Are you really implying a place like Jiffy Lube cant properly change the oil on an early 00's BMW that are all over the road? There is 0 reason the OP couldnt watch a few youtube videos and do something like that themselves.

OP...you will get A LOT of people hating on older cars and in particular Euros due to stereotypes and relatively universally held (and often wrong) beliefs about their lack of reliability. A lot of that is misguided. Do your own research and rely on reviews from actual owners.

Just to be clear I was only disagreeing with the oil change part of El Burros post...he is probably right in that you cant afford maintenance on most of these types of cars if you are looking at spending 7K.

Its more like 150, and its not labor - the oil is like 130ish of the costs, but it can also go for like 3x the miles or time so its a wash

op you can by my 2007 328 xi still has 3 years under extended warranty, 65k miles - make an offer

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The Camry and the Accord in the states is completely different than what we have over here. Different models/names etc but something similar can cost anywhere from $12K-$20K I guess. The new car market isnt that strong here since its so fkn cheap to buy used. Up in mainland Japan sure but not here.

What do you guys do, import used cars?

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You really think we dont import new cars as well?

Apparently not very many if you have to import used cars as well. I mean shouldn't you have a used car go to market every time a new car is bought? Unless of course no one buys new cars because you are importing used ones. Who imports used cars?

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and because you aren't trying to prove something like these guys up in here.


Gets me from point a to point b? Check.

Has good safety rating? Check.

A/c? Check.

Good gas mileage? Check.

All I need in a vehicle, who really GAF otherwise. So many other places I'd rather spend my money.

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