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Fallout from 2010 Weight Loss Bet Between Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow

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It is a ridiculous bet.

Any one saying that Mike should just pay Ted $1M is crazy.

The idea that Mike should have to pay Ted $5k a month for 18 years is also ridiculous.

That is called peonage.

If you make a verbal bet in a social environment, sometimes drinking, you can hardly expect to be paid.

You bet me $1,000,000,000,000,000 that I can fly without wings, it's nonsense.

Mike should have made it clear to cancel and Ted should not go public with "Mike has to pay me $5,000 a month for the rest of his life".

Ted should be happy he lost a lot of weight and was able to get a ridiculous amount of money for it thus far.

People should not make these kinds of bets, period. i.e. social drinking bets on ridiculous 'locks' as Ted had Mike completely locked and trapped in to this bet.

For the record, I am not a Mike fan, don't like him at all.

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These high stakes pros make bets over dinner all the time. Wasn't a straight up bet either..sounds like Mike laid odds and then accepted the bet when Forrest said how much he was gonna bet. Pretty sure comparing losing weight with flying w/o wings is a little bit of a stretch....since one can be accomplished and the other can't.

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I am certain most of these high stakes bets people imagine 'high rollers' make is mostly fantasy.

You can not make a bet a person is unable to pay and then try to make them do servitude.

Wouldn't you just not bet with someone you know can't pay, then? Seems like maybe these guys would have learned this by now!

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Seems obvious Ted is not going to get paid, right?

Yeah I doubt it. MM is obv wrong and after listening to how he explained the bet going down, I pretty much even have less respect for him than I did before. He booked the bet but then said I won't change my lifestyle blah blah blah. His lifestyle is his fucking problem. He wants to shoot his mouth and be himself and then doesn't wanna walk the walk. That's the sign of a complete tool.

All that said, Forest saying he's gonna get a lawyer is laughable. He has no legal recourse, esp if there nothing official that states the terms of the wager. No judge is going to make a ruling based on a conversation where both parties admit that they were completely wasted.

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