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Carbon OPS competition

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Nice runs all and congrats Thomas........Congratulations Worm on the deep run. Railing all you guys and hope Mybaae didn't hqve some kinda emergency tonight. Dam near FT the $215 sitting out! Anyway i was wondering why i was feeling so weak and tired lately. Went to emergency room and "Bingo" Tested positive for the Flu! Cant eat,can't sleep LoL. Never had this shit before..........looks like ill be out of work all week. A good thing and a bad thing i assume. Hopefully we bink a main, and hopefully good enough to play by then. 5:36am now if anyone is bored and wants to talk poker, and listen to me wheeze!

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Great job Worm! Very happy for you. Know you are disappointed but I think it's a sign that you will win the $100+k tourney soon...whether an OP or BT!!! Hope we make the OP ME $250k or a BT final table and play/laugh together. WTG!!! :D

I'm not in the comp but CharlieMiwa is a delightful person and a very good poker player. She needs a "Poker Matriarch" undertitle or something.

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Haha we had bad lighting storms in Florida and my power went out for like 45 minutes I was going for another bink! Congrats squid and amoney!! Let's all final table some tourneys tonight would be a darn tough ft! Hope you feel better and see u at the tables tonight or soon willmccoy gl errybody! Charliemiwa is a doll she is my other bae ;)

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