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13emcD package WSOPc Cherokee/HPT Indy

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Hey P5s/marketplace/everyone. Im selling a 10 mtt package (30 pct)

I have been a steady MTT grinder for years on all the US sites. I do have some experience live but not a ton..a few WSOPc, LSOP,and this: http://www.chicagocharitablegames.com/ (chopped a 8 table field on saturday, first time here in awhile). I have solid online results (listed below) in both NLHE and PLO mtts but admittedly none live. So it's time to change that.



**missing 12k cash on UB^^ (and a year or twos worth of profitable WPN)


^^this week in bovada (PLO in middle)^^

MTT PACKAGE @ approx 1.19 in MarkUp

WSOPc (cherokee) ------------HPT - INDY

#1B NLHE = $365--------------#1 NHLE = $300

#2 PLO = $365-----------------#2 Bounty = $200

#3 NLHE = $365----------------#3 NLHE = $150

#5 NLHE or #4 = $365----------#5 PLO = $200

PLO entry x2 = $250 (12/2 @5pm)

nightly x2 = $135

total =3080 TOTAL w/mu ~3750


1% = $40

3% = $115

5% = $190

10% = $375

20% = $750

30% = $1125

***Looking to sell up to 30 pct***


CHASE QP or Depo, Paypal, GDMP, cash in CHICAGO, possibly at event (NC) or open to other methods (pm me)...in addition,

I will take transfers from online sites @.95 (usually buy at.9-.92)

ACR (13emcD), BCP (7w1stDn3viL), Intertops (bemcd)

please PM before any xfers etc. (To confirm and receiving sending info etc.) Need money before cards drop on Friday.

Stake/shares is not confirmed until payment is received.


I've have perfect track record on trades in the 2+2 marketplace (same name), as Im sure anyone that has dealt with me will attest to. (can provide a reputable names upon request or you can just conduct a simple search here) I've never been staked so I don't have any of those type of references, hopefully that will suffice. I'm not opposed to sending info etc for verification, anything for peace of mind, in part I'm selling this package to build on my already good track record. Ive been playing online for a long time, and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I take my reputation very seriously, because this is not a fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme for me. This is my job/career.


taxes-- need relevant info(name, ssn, address,etc) for cashes or will withhold 30%. All taxes are the responsibility of each individual shareholder, and 30% tax will be withheld on winnings until all required tax information is received for 1099s, or a written agreement to withhold that amount is sent by the sahreholder/staker.

reserve right to cancel package (money returned) if not enough action is bought (under 30 pct) , and/or drop a tourney/nightly/bullet from package or replace it with a different tourney (all amounts unused will be return w/MU, unless otherwise agreed to)

Any additional contest prizes, etc, won as a result of playing will go to player, any seats won directly will either be played (with pct carrying over) or sold to go toward profits of package.

****very good chance not all of these tourneys will be played, considering day 2s/ overlaps, potential days off needed etc. Any decision made in regards to tourney changes etc, will be made based on my experience in knowing myself, game selection, etc in order to make the highest ROI possible for US all, but everyone will be made aware of these in advance. I decided to overshoot the amount of tourneys for the package rather then potentially play in some not in the package, as I figure its easier to return money then to deal with complications that could arise otherwise **


twitter updates during breaks and ill update in this thread with non-spreadsheet nightly updates

https://twitter.com/bemcd @bemcd.


will be made after the package is over, as promptly as humanly possible, larger payouts could take longer from what I understand. I will try to get it back to you whatever method you want, though any cost incurred due to method other than same as method of payment will be on the staker.

10 pct entitles you to 10 pct of total winnings, ie if 5k is won overall in this package 10 pct = 500 sent back to you

***sorry about short notice on this package but I wasn't sure if I was going to sell action or not.. thought it might be fun/defray some travel costs..since I'll be flying solo. If anyone wants to meet up, split a room, go on a morning hike, etc feel free to PM as well***

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1.5% - numberonedonk (other forum) - PAID via PP

15% - giovanni44 - (other forum) PAID via CQP (pending)

16.5% Sold

13.5% remaining (could potentially sell a shade more than 30 pct, depending)

***also the price for 30% ($1100) and 20 pct ($740) were supposed to reflect 1.19MU, but I was unable to change it on a different forum before some was sold, so I left it as is (which is 1.2-1.21ish), which is semi-irrelevant since that amount is no longer available, just wanted to mention it***

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8:01 WilliamKroosstadas (p5s) 5%

9:13 Chefkrumb1 (p5s) 3.5%

11:47 reedMoney (2+2) 1%

12:13 jimbo1420069 (2+2) 5%

12:18 pokerodox (2+2) 8%

Ok so this is the order or request based on time. Ill PM the first 3, and see if I get any responses, and Waitlist the last 2 (though I may potentially open up a little more to sell) Thank you everyone for your interest.

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15% - giovanni44 - PAID via CQP (pending)

5% - worm1120 - PAID via ACR/PP

3.5% - Chefkrumb1 (p5s) PAID via CQP (pending)

1.5% - numberonedonk - PAID via PP

25% PAID

WilliamKroosstadas (p5s) 5% reserved (awaiting response/payment) 8:01

reedMoney (2+2) 1% reserved (awaiting response/payment)



5% - jimbo1420069 (2+2) 12:13

8% - pokerodox (2+2) 12:18

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15% - giovanni44 - PAID via CQP (pending)

5% - worm1120 - PAID via ACR/PP

5% WilliamKroosstadas (p5s) PAID via PP (issue withstanding)

3.5% - Chefkrumb1 (p5s) PAID via CQP (pending)

1.5% - numberonedonk - PAID via PP

1% - reedMoney (2+2) PAID via PP

31% PAID

WAIT LIST (offers)

5% avaliable to - jimbo1420069 (2+2) 12:13(requested 13-15%)

5% available to - pokerodox (2+2) 12:18 (requested 8%)

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15% - giovanni44 -(2+2) PAID via CQP (pending)

5% - worm1120 - PAID via ACR/PP

5% - WilliamKroosstadas (p5s) PAID via PP

3.5% - Chefkrumb1 (p5s) PAID via CQP (pending)

1.5% - numberonedonk (2+2)- PAID via PP

1% - reedMoney (2+2) PAID via PP

31% PAID


5% avaliable to - jimbo1420069 (2+2) 12:13(requested 13-15%)

5% available to - pokerodox (2+2) 12:18 (requested 8%)

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Damn forgot to update this one, hope y'all were following on the twitter, anyhoo, i f you weren't here an update,

event 4 - 16th

event 6 - 5th

Had to switch the PLO (non ring) for event 6, and a nightly, which was unplayed so, we've got an extra 135 heading to HPT portion of package, though thinking about playing Thurs 365 here in Cherokee.

Werr free rolling the rest, I'll update more complete when I get to an actual PC, aka home.

@bemcd (chip updates)

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Event #1 HPT bombed (idk if it was best idea to play on that quick a turnaround)

Event #3 HPT- W!!!!! 4k plus seat

****we reached a deal 3 handed (4k, 3200, 2900) (basically took 1k off top and added to 3rd)

about deal- I had a pile 5 handed and refuse deal, also refused the deal 3 handed to start, after playing 3 handed for idk 45 mins, I had dubbed one guy twice (via flips) and the other guy dub'd once off him. I did the ICM calc and I had 3700 eq to 3300 to 3150 so at the point I agreed to flatten the structure, with 1st obv getting the HPT main seat as well. (i believe they had reached a deal for 3rd before the dubs that was like 2500 min for 3rd, was i thought was semi shady but at that point I really had em, but every time i ran someone, i gave em chips, oh well. Best part is the guy wanted the deal the most basically got nothing additional from it, lulz (he took 2nd)

And then I prompty took it to them>

so final score for that was 4k us, plus 1650 seat(to which I think play is a no brainer)

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did you play any since that one you said you were oozing confidence and busted, and then just had a little in the kitty...and then this 1st place? I wasn't sure if I missed any

I had a lil too much confidence and not enough rest me thinks. But no, I played the sunday online to which i got frozen, but the refund made me some $$$, and then monday as well OSS bunked out cancellations etc. So I only had the last two in package the (150 and the 200 PLO) and now the main

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(you read it right, but I may not have the formula right)

Tbh i wasnt sure exactly how to do the tax portion of it I was talking to a lady at the cage at WSOP she told me about some form I could use, to claim the winnings. When i was negotiating chop yesterday they informed me the 5055 top prize just made it under taxable winnings so, that was cool, which made me think that maybe I needed to re-calibrate the sprdsht, but Im kinda ignorant on these matter, so any help would be appreciated. ( iwas going to ask someone about it, since i really dont know, never have done it before)

***ALSO if anyone see any errors or has any question about the spreadsheet please let me know ASAP so i can fix it, thx**

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lol you gotta brick some...cant win them all...

This is your only taxable score this season....if you have a job where you pay taxes, this will be added on as income that's taxable and you will pay whatever portion you don't deduct based on your tax bracket.

If you dont have a job, then this income will fall well under the standard deduction and you will pay no taxes...

(that's all just information for you though)...

for peopple who buy pieces it's pretty universal...even though we know you will get back most if not all (you can EASILY write off 100% of that win as losses for the year, ask your accountant) we accept 30% withheld...

so this is what you do....

break out all the tournaments where you cashed but DIDNT have to pay taxes...and break out everybody's %s...

break out the tournaments where you DID have to pay taxes (wsop and hopefully HPT MAIN LOL)...break out those %s ...

and do the sum of both for $$ owed to your buyers...30%'s what everybody generally withholds, so unless anyone objects I think that'll be right...

win this hpt main lol

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I set up the spreadsheet as just taxes on the whole package since, since I'm paying taxes on all this, since this is my job. (the spreadsheet isnt written in stone Ill fix it if theres a mistake, esp in the taxes portion, just a way to keep track atm)

And withhold nothing if you send me tax info so I can list it,and either set it up as a 5754 or send out 1099s.

But I'll definitely talk to an acct. since I was told I cant itemize my deductions if I list this as "loses" by someone. And some other stuff which got my head spinning.

The difference at this point is only 100, and most people are sending the tax info so the 30 pct withholding part only applies to a very small portion.

And obviously winning 13k isnt enough to pay significant taxes but, I won $$ elsewhere (obv reason people invested in me in the first place) so I need to make sure everything is on the up and up.

All that and I plan on having another taxable score this package. ;)

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you dont pay taxes on any winnings that you aren't handed a W2 for though...

Nothing is declared to the IRS for a cash under 5K.... you're only liable for taxes on one cash so far in this series...

And I promise you...everybody who bought a piece that's giving you their tax info is only expecting you to declare the one score and not a % of 13K....that's not how it works man... check it out w/ some people you trust, but there is no tax liability to you or your backers for over 7K worth of scores...that's why there was a deal reached @ your last FT...that's why a lot of deals are reached.... I know you said you were new at this, so I'm cool if you wanna verify all this over @ 2+2 or something...

if I have to, I'll just give you my tax info so there's less confusion on your part...but the only monies that you'll be/we'll be paying taxes on for 2014 is the WSOPC score for 6Kish...

obviously this could change significantly if you do something wild in the HPT....I hope you crush it man...say hi to Greg Raymer @ the final table lol

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