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Winning Network O.S.S. Competition - Dec. 5 - Dec. 14

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I got refunded for yesterday. Had just regged the 20k, 10k, 3k PLO and 4r after waiting forever for each lobby to open only to have the 20k, 10k and PLO get shut down, ofc I had good stacks in both the 20k and 10k.

There is some talk among teams about cancelling this competition. I say let's see how tomorrow goes and then decide but at this point I'm no against cancelling it.

Let me know how you all feel about it.

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Tonight is running fine, zero issues after 5:00. I looked over the comp leaderboard/tracking page, I didn't see anything wrong with it.

Keep in mind it doesn't show ALL scores it only shows the teams scores based on the parameters of the competition. Which are only 15 scores per team, max of 8 per person and min of 3 per person. So your scores outside that range will drop off.

Since tonight was running fine I don't see any reason to cancel the competition.

If you choose not to play tonight that was your choice but I've had zero problems and a lot of comp guys are playing.

Captains, please talk to your team mates and see how they feel and we'll talk and decide how to proceed.

My vote, as noted, is if there are no more problems the comp goes on.

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This is fucking ridiculous, regardless if some ppl are doing good or not this series was a complete joke and should be cancelled!! Obviously its w/e Idc either way, but this is beyond not right to even continue wit this!! You have some ppl not even playing and some ppl playing, and I cant blame the ppl that arent playing, I mean do you wanna get a big stack and jus get it cancelled or blinded out as so many of us have, gimme a fuckin break!!

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I made a mistake on the team list I sent Wacky, it was my fault not his! I've sent him corrections.

I need each captain to get with their team members and each team decide unanimously if they want to stop the comp and get refunded. Then the captains will get together and make the call. Please try to talk to each of your team members sometime tonight and get with me late tonight, around 11:00 pm est or so and we'll all (the captains) make the call.

Bottomline, captains will make the final decision based on their opinion and the overall opinion of their team.

If there are no further issues there is still plenty of time to win this.

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If any of you guys can sit here n tell me this is isnt gonna happen anymore then what it does now, please explain? Give me my $50 back JasonTodd28 as I said on BCP and rry but this is not fair to anybody that is playing!! I dont give a shit what a captain says nor a vote I want the $50 back im not sitting here playing day n day out get a good stack and then get blinded out or suspended, this is 4 days now im thru wit it, ship me my shit please and thank you!!

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