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Official Year Long Sunday Storm Thread - Badge Competition

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Well, as far as I can tell, this is it how it stands entering november:

1. rickyt88 With 33 points!

2. Fabaz/BenFaz With 29 points!

3. nutttnuttt With 25 points!

4. WackyJaxon With 22 points!

4.ApesAreFun With 22 points!

6. actyper[/url] With 19 points!

6.ronnieb122 With 19 points!

8.tedSTRETCH With 12 points!

9.PaulSmiley With 10 points!

10.CrazyB15/TiltTheBho With 7 points!

11.FouTight With 0 points!

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With getting 2 points for fourth place in December, rickyt88 pulled out a close win against BenFaz. I will ship as soon as both of you confirm and award Ricky his badge. Congrats!

1. rickyt88 With 40 points!

2. Fabaz/BenFaz With 39 points!

3. ApesAreFun With 36 points!

4. ronnieb122 With 29 points!

5. actyper[/url] With 26 points!

6. nutttnuttt With 25 points!

7. WackyJaxon With 22 points!

8. tedSTRETCH With 12 points!

9. PaulSmiley With 10 points!

10. CrazyB15/TiltTheBho With 7 points!

11. FouTight With 0 points!

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