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Official Party/Borgata GSSS Team PLB Competition Sign ups! (Read Post 53!)

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Gags30    0

Team No_xcape

1. no_xcape

2. phatchoy888

3. money4bacon

4. sisco

Team redsoxnet5

1. redsoxnets5

2. doubledave22

3. redhotmomma

4. shipthesherb

Team johnnydrama

1. Johnnydrama

2. mikeycasino

3. exiledlegend

4. odi420

Team Gags30

1. gags30

2. mmmwawa

3. ninjago

4. rimmer27

Team ykwon

1. ykwon

2. itsmejon

3. pker4dummies

4. blckjck

Team Bigdaddy

1. bigdaddy

2. jakep474

3. schaf4206

4. dlorican

Team Misclick

1. misclick

2. hashtag_hashtag

3. centrfieldr

4. seedload

Team sblum

1. sblum2711

2. cicakman

3. wildman75

4. actionbob

Team my2chis

1. my2chis

2. slystyle012

3. jerseyjosh

4. lifegr1nder


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seedload    0

Side bet even money for a hundy on the number of captains I will outscore using the scoring of this competition. I am setting the line at one captain. If I beat one captain, we chop, beat two, I win, beat none, you win. First taker. Go.

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mjarose    0

I just want to apologize to this thread. I initially showed interest in becoming a captain upon announcement and then basically things at life and work got extremely hectic and I disappeared. I am sorry it wasnt my intention, good luck to everyone in the competition.

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seedload    0

Did my best for the team winning the #2 mid (chopping in first). Blanked the other 5. centrfieldr had deep runs in #2 low and high. #teammisclick off to good start!

But, I think team no_xcape probably took the day.

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