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Poker Probably Saved My Life

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I'll start this out by saying I pretty much have got fired from every job I've ever had, dropped out of college and pretty much am a shitty human being. My friend showed me online poker about a year and half ago and he was a somewhat winning player. I have above average intelligence and thought wow I could make money off this too. So after about a year of being laid off my job and having some money saved up (not much probably like 2000) i lost it all on Carbon Poker. After I lost all my money I started watching tons of videos to get better, got a job at Jimmy Johns (lol) to start a bankroll for Bovada. Well after about a couple months of playing to my surprise I was taking down small buy in MTTs and was up about 3 grand, and ended up losing all of it not too long after. Even worse I missed a meeting at my work and got fired from my job. On top of all this I found out my girlfriend was pregnant. So around thanksgiving I had 300 dollars in my bank account I had no job and a pregnant girlfriend. I had plenty of dark thoughts and even thought about ending my life.... Poker seemed to be the only thing to get my mind off anything but I didn't want to risk the little money I had. So I decided to put 20 dollars on Bovada and see what happens. I placed like 5th in some 10k gtd for about 386 dollars, and the next day I won a 25k gtd for 6 grand. Then the next week another grand, and two nights ago I won the 30k gtd for another 6.5 gs. So over the last month I'm up about 12 grand. I know it's not a crazy amount of money, but it's life saving.. Literally.

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your be broke in about 3 months just by the awful mindset you have

read the mental side books too or ur lose it and end up harming yourself in end anyways

p.s u should go on jermry kyle

I was never going to harm myself just thoughts I had. I've been taking steps at improving myself, but I'd lik to hear why my mindset is so awful. I'm grateful for everything in my life.

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Not saying i never complain, but i always tell people to think about third world countries and how nbadthose people have it.

If you have a decent roof over your head, clothes on ur back and food to eat everyday, you are better off than 3/4 of the population.

So compaining about petty things really wont help and isnt needed.

Having a ferrari or a big mansion isnt luxury, having any car and any form of first wotld housing is.

People die in the ocean just to get an oppurtunity to work fto provide for an entire family.

Dont take what u have for granted. It aint all that bad.

Gl man. Youll get there.

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