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*** Official Party Poker/Borgata GSSS II Micro Comp ***

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Since this looks like it is definitely gonna get more than 13, you better post those payout breakdowns for the three places now before it gets controversial. ie, Seedload gets 60%, 2nd gets 30% third gets 10% or however you plan on breaking it down.

Going to figure this out when we get final total of participants. We are on our way to paying 4 currently.

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Updated Interest List (Bold indicates paid)

Nice little prizepool we got brewing here. Lets get some more.



















Updated. Keep getting the word out on P5s, Skype, Twitter, the other forum. Leggo.

Ill be back later to update list again, if you have paid me and I didnt bold your name let me know I apologize.

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Random logistics question. Is the thought behind a $5 bounty on 5 players across 25+ tournaments that it is statistically unlikely for our group of 11-20 (that's minus the 5 people with the bounty on their head) to knock them out with any frequency? I like the idea because it adds another dimension to it, but I would want to know the 5 players with the bounty on their head would be okay with it. Lets say some regs on here crossed paths a few times and 8 bounties were paid. The people with the bounties on their head see the prize pool drop at no added benefit to themselves. Odds are the impact to the prize pool is minor, and their general consistency gives them an advantage over a player like me anyhow, but still think they should give the nod to be included in the bounty/for it to happen.

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Dont care if they are okay with it as the bounties are coming out of my own pocket. Not the prizepool.

Tazz has paid and there is a 15.80 bounty on his head.

And people who have bounties on their head can collect for knocking out others on the hitlist.

Your nuts. Your gonna pay more bounties than you anticipate. Its like betting that two people in a group of 20 have the same birthday. Way more likely than you would think.

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