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*** Official Party Poker/Borgata GSSS II Micro Comp ***

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I have put the info to the proper authorities. Hope to and should get that fixed asap.

There is a slight chance something might get screwed up with the leaderboard during rebuy tournaments so we have to be on the lookout for that, and hopefully it doesnt happen.

Always be checking your scores, and if anything looks out of whack, post it in here or by PM if you feel more comfortable.

In other news, Acesfull32 has 2 pocketfives names and we had a miscommunication. I signed up his P5s screen name ( Acesfull32 ) , but unfortunately his older name (Graman32) has his linked party/borgata poker accounts. I told him just to link his accounts to the acesfull account and hopefully it will all be connected soon. I know he didnt play the first night and Im not sure he played last night but any cashes made while the transition is happening will be tracked manually.

Just wanted to put that out there.

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i cashed #8 mid and its not up, maybe hasnt updated yet? seems like other peoples cashes from yesterday have

Scores can take up to 2 business days to appear on profile and contest pages from the time they are completed. If after 2 business days, you are still missing a score, please write to support@pocketfives.com with as much information about the tournament so we can do our best to track it down and add it to our database.

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FYI, Jaxon says that the data is now entered and should show up in profiles and on the contest pages tomorrow.

Could show up today, tomorrow will be the latest. We are still missing many partypoker NJ tournaments from Jan. 24 that aren't GSSS related, so please write into support if you notice something or shoot me a PM.

I am still hopeful we get these tournaments from partypoker, but didn't want anyone to have to wait longer for the GSSS tournaments.

Thank you seedload for pointing out this issue to me and also for his patience.

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