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Weird live 1/2 spot

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I rarely post hands but I've recently playing much more cash and ran into a very odd spot.

PH in Vegas

Hero: ~$600

V1 and V2 both have ~$300

I raise to 15 from CO with KK and V1 directly to my left reraises to $115. This lady plays about a pot an hour and only plays premium hands. V2 in small blind flats the call. Then back to me. It actually was a "splash pot" - a promotion PH does where they throw extra money in the pot but it was only $25 so only think that can widen V1s range. I immediately thought V1 has QQ+, AK. The two girls proceed to chat about the hand and V2 says she has AA and the two agree to check it down if I fold. I am certain she is telling the truth but lets just say 90% certain. What is Hero's action? Is flatting okay even knowing she has AA? It's not the right odds if I know for certain she has AA to call $100 into a ~$250 pot. Thoughts are appreciated.

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If you are going to ignore what she says then obv jam. A lot of times live imo most people are spewing shit from their mouth. If we are considering what she is saying then i think jam as well. If the lady has aces then why is she agreeing to check down? This is why I dont beleive her. If she does have aces and they do check down this is obv collusion. They are talking about soft playing each other with your money in the middle. I would be pissed. I mean the lady is out right saying "I Have the best hand in poker but as long as he dont win I wont bet against you". I think flatting here is always bad but you know that also.

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I tank folded and she showed AA so it was the right play. Obv K on flop but regardless of the K i'm real 50/50 on my decision. As far as calling floor, these are regulars at PH and I would rather keep them talking and keep them on my good side because they're quite soft, exploitable players. She told me she had AA and I was able to fold KK for the first time in my life, that's some hella good information. I don't think they outright said they would check it down but I think it was understood after the girl announced she had AA. It was quite weird, I didn't catch all the chatter because I was in a whirlwind of thought with KK and $250 in the pot before a card even flopped.

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Easy fold.

Women 1/2 rec players on vacation are telling the truth there.

Nice they saved you a couple hundred.

I have had friendly neighbors that were fish show me their nut hands and tell me to fold in pots because I rip on all the hoodie goobers and scarf wearing fags with them.

It's a feel thing. Trust your gut. Even if you would never tell the fish to fold in a spot like that a lot of them just don't care and they don't wanna break a guy being friendly with them.

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