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Chicago Poker Classic Package for clutch352

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With lots of great events coming up this spring through summer I thought it would be a great idea to sell a little of my action and get a couple successful packages under my belt. This package will include some of the earlier events of the CPC and a couple nightly or afternoon turbo bullets. I wanted to keep this package relatively simple so I just included a handful of the early events. (I will likely be playing all week and will possibly have a second package with additional events.)

I'm looking to sell around 25% for the following events of the Chicago Poker Classic

  2. $360 Event 1 NLHE 500k GTD
  3. 360 Event 1 bullet 2 NLHE 500K GTD
  4. 250 Event 2 NLHE (18 CPC Main event seats added) M
  5. 150 Nightly/turbo bullets 1 Nightly tournament 1CPC ME seat added
  6. 150 Nightly/turbo bullets 2 Nightly tournement 1 CPC ME seat added

*in the case of making day 2 in event one the second 360 bullet will be used for event 5 or returned

** If any additional added seats are won as a result of these tourneys you will retain you percentage when I play in that event any additional prizes like cars, sponsorship or anything leader board prizes, I will keep.

Total Buy-ins 1270

Action sold @

1% $15 1.18 MU

5% $70 1.103 MU

10% $140 1.103 MU

(I can calculate if you want different percentage)

Here are a few relevant links


http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=391169 The Hendon Mob is missing a first and second (both were HU chops) in the recent Tunica WSOPc nightly's with 124 and 74 players. I'm in the process of getting those added but a few people can confirm that I have won 2 of my last 3 nightly tournaments.




Rake Race Screen Shots


I accept site transfer on Americas Card Room, Chase Quick Pay, Paypal or cash at venue

Payout will be in a timely manner. I can payout with similar methods and will be at the venue almost everyday leading up to the Main Event. Tax information will be needed if the package makes a profit or 30% may be withheld.

I will be updating, showing buy-in receipts ect. though twitter and facebook (If you are not on either we can make other arragnements). I will also be updating this thread with results.

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Just sent CQP. Good luck! Looking forward to rail. I may come up when you and your bro are at FT together. Ship It!!

Payment confirmed via CQP.

Thanks! Hopefully we'll get a chance to play a few FTs together. I'm looking forward to having a great series.

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I think average was around 17k at that point. (didn't see this till now)

We made day two and it will start Sunday at 2pm, at about 24.5 bbs (136k) and the average will be around be around 30bbs. Tried to chip up on the day two bubble but 1 step forward 1 step back for a while. We've locked up at least 690 on this tourney (but hopefully we get first which should be around 6 figures maybe more)

Since day 2 was made the second 360 buyin in tourney will be event five. I will likely be there tomorrow and play one of the nightly bullets (unless I bust in the first or second blind level and fire again).

I will update once I get back in action.

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yes! you are doing great and going to destroy the field...Event #1 - I played day 1F...busted when blinds were 600-1200 antes 100...typical case of 99 vs A9 cooler (12 bbs and allin pre-flop...)- villain turned an A on the turn and I was out...I was hoping to make it to day 2 but very well....

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So far we have fired one of the 360 bullets and both 150 bullets. In event 1 we cashed for 925. The remaining events are tomorrow and the following day. Tomorrows event is the 250 with 18 seats added. In the case of making day two of that event we may have to scratch the 360 bullet (and money/MU will be returned).

Thanks for the rail and support on twitter and here.

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