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Dealing with the frusrtation of MTTs

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What tips, techniques, approaches and mindsets do people use to deal with the constant dissapointment of not winning mtts?

Even though I'm really enjoying my sessions more than ever, I still find a lot of huffs, sighs and frustrated caveman groans exerting themselves throughout after bustouts, losing flips, suckouts - this can't be good for long term health.

I do ijnect logic and remind myself of the realities of MTTs but I'm just not ZEN.

What do you guys do to be happier and reduce stress when playing? Preparations?

Cheers, GL and run gooooooood

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good soundtrack, joe ingram podcasts, twitch tv... really trying to focus more on mistakes that I'm making in real time vs the bad beats.. When all else fails walking the dog and/or smoking a cigarette. Taking a few days off and playing less on occasion will also do wonders.. Usually when I'm feeling the way you've described I'm burnt out and need a bit of a break

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It's not like super frustration anger any more, I've come a long way trust me. Like now I'm pretty much OI almost straight away. But it's just the constant busting out of games that grates, albeit only a little bit.

It's like deep down there's a belief that I can (because I seem to really want to) win every tournament; wanting to might not be a bad thing but the slightest shade of believing I can beat variance is probably a cause.

I just want the bust outs to not even phase me in the slightest. To achieve that robotic state in order to just enjoy the mental stimulation.

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Usually when I'm feeling the way you've described I'm burnt out and need a bit of a break

Yeah so what I'm after is how to train oneself to not need to take a break as often, or at all if possible. To not be affected by the nature of MTTs.

What's the most days anyone's played in a row without tilt/anger/frustration building up that they need to take time off and blow off steam?

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Guest u shove i call

Just realise you aren't gonna win mtts often.

The elation of when u do finally bink one is a great feeling and makes up for all the previous ones u didn't.

Thats how i look at it anyway, not watching your all ins helps too. Just hope the table is still there and if it isn't then w/e onto the next one.

I have been playing mtts for a living for 3 years and im not immune to getting angry sometimes i will admit. This can defo lead to me not playing well and you just gotta take a few days off and come back feeling refreshed.

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I was doing a lot of the sighing and such as you explained, along with the odd hole in a wall if you catch my drift. I kept feeling bad for myself saying how unlucky I was, cursing the poker gods... and I really was terribly unlucky, but I didn't realize my bad play was the reason I experienced those results (I'm not saying this applies to your situation in any way I'm going somewhere with this so bare with me lol).

Finally I summoned the discipline to take a break for a full week (which is the longest break I took from poker since September of 2014), during that week off I did lots of school work along with watching tons of training videos and spending time on other things I had been neglecting during my hyper grinds. It was the best decision I made all year, it opened my eyes to a lot of mistakes I was making.

I hadn't even realized all the leaks because it had been so long since I really put a lot of time into training videos, because I was just grinding all day. When I came back I strictly played micros until my attitude changed. Thankfully, my hard work has payed off tremendously, and I no longer tilting after any beats, no sighing, no moaning, no bitching, no putting holes in my walls.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation as I described, take it from me, just simply having some time away from the tables without any studying or what ever has great benefits. Along with studying and dedication to other areas of your life that need some lovin' will work wonders.

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Try streaming some play on Twitch! Seriously! (If you are not already) You won't be "away" from the game and I believe you will quickly see why I suggest it. Very few streamers I watch ever display a lot of "tilt". Who wants to be seen that way? They generally seem to be calm, confident and just enjoying the game regardless of outcome. (Sure there are exceptions)

Also, you may want to take a break from the site you grind the most. (I assume that is Stars) Open an account somewhere new that you feel trustworthy and start playing under a new username for a while. I believe that people build up notes and assumptions on your play and even if they are wrong, they start playing you differently and it can effect your decisions. Conversely, I also believe we do this ourselves! Not suggesting you quit your main site, just add play somewhere else.

In conclusion, try this. (Because I believe you would have followers/viewers from here on day one) Open a new account somewhere, set up a Twitch account, deposit something you feel appropriate and start a bankroll challenge! Again, your not getting "away" from the regular games you play, just playing the field a bit!

Let me know, I love to watch poker streams.

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Playing more tables helps. It's more frustrating to grind a tournament for 5 hours and lose to a flip. But when you have many tables, you kinda start to ignore all those bad beats that are happening and quickly forget about them.

Also beer

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Not watching your all ins is probably the best advice I could give as I'm pretty numb to the game myself but find my heart race or dip when a good bad card comes. Then secondly if that isn't helping take a few days break as others have said.

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Visit your local glory hole for some much needed relaxation!!!

Nah, nah but seriously. Apart from the obv brm stuff I find deep breathing meditation for about 30mins pre-grind, a decent walk and some fresh air is great. Watching some mindset stuff and reading the mental game of poker would be a good idea too.

Also make sure you're eating properly with plenty of fruit veg and whole grains in there, low blood sugar can really contribute to mood swings I find.

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I have a pretty good diet & drink loads of water avoiding the high sugar softs so that's prolly not an issue.

ZENZENZEN..... Obviously harder than it is saying that. Don't dudes with shaved heads from the far east spend their entire lives working at it?

But yeah lot's of good comments and advice here guys which I'm very appreciative of. I think the meditating before sessions is actually a key one. All I know is, the one session I spent 10 minutes meditating before I ended up winning my biggest lifetime around 2 weeks ago.

That, then definitely exercise before sessions too I think, and being refreshed i.e. not tired & recovering form late nights. Oh yeah the bonsai tree, pff... why didn't I think of that before, seems so obvious.

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Nice thread u opened up here , rungoodgid!

Quess many ppl recognize themseleves in those questions.

Maybe u should sit down and try to rly find out what what makes you feel absolutely most ''stressed'' about poker?

Maybe try excersise in the morning for 30min or so? Helps for me.

Only if its only for 10 min.

Great mindset who has been working for me, when I havnt been finaltabling a lot lately.

- Just never go in with a winning attitude to win a tournament and you wont be dissapointed.


When I had months without a win (just recently),¨

then what I did was I started to go in with the attitude that

''each session I should Think of mistakes that I do,

instead of feeling the pressure to win''.

Then suddenly (hopefully) you will sit on one of those finaltables.

Great mindset, at least for me, and poker also becomes a lot more fun when you are trying to improve your game everytime you play.

Positive thinking and you dont need to groan like a caveman if you know WHY you bust your tournaments, and like to guy above wrote - ''onto the next one'' .^^

When session is over then its time to huff and sigh in the coach

- not in the middle of a session.

Taking care of the 5 min break - away from the computer works for me,

fresh air on balcony (cigarettes...)

Think of something else, instead of getting stuck at the computer watching porn etc. etc.

(not saying you are).

Excercise in the morning for 30min or so, and dont have such high expectations for the day,

and maybe only a small profit, might make you happy!

Sometimes even a ''non profitable day'' but ''I played OK'' -day,

makes me feel at least not UNHAPPY.

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Taking care of the 5 min break - away from the computer works for me

Think of something else, instead of getting stuck at the computer watching porn etc. etc.

Who told you?

Thanks for your response panda, appreciate.

Running theme seems to be around focusing on the process of improving & playing each hand well init, rather than trying to win all the time.

Even though I know this and have heard this before many a time, I think on reflection I do constantly fall back into being very focused on getting to FTs & winning more than playing just he cards in front of me at the time & the process.

It's tough I think, I like winning & DO want to every session. All those books on mental game stuff imply that the more you practice the mental stuff & keep practicing different approaches and mind-sets they get stronger, like muscles, & easier to replicate every session. - just thinking out loud here guys.

One thing I know is very very bad for my sessions is getting home from work in rushed flurry knowing I want to get in front of the pc asap regging the earlier games. Rushing home, rush out for jog, rushed shower, get programs open, go go gogogogogo....................does that sound ZEN?

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You play after work? That's likely a big factor then. I'd focus on turbos and sngs and play shorter sessions if I was you. Think about it, if you're playing mtts I'd imagine a good session for you is gonna run about 8hrs+ or so? You're basically trying to work 2 jobs. I reckon sngs, small field mtts, turbos and multi day tourneys for a max session of about 6hrs would be a good idea.

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Well if u are working then ofc work out is tough.

Tough to find motivation to go out for a run for example.

Thats prob. just make u sleepier, idk .

I play during daytime only atm since Im a big looser grinding during night time.

so what i do is I work out in the morning a bit. just 10-15 min helps me stay focused.

i tried out playing last summer after my job and thats a big nono imo.

at least when it comes to longer sessions (talking about +6/8 hours).

I played OK för the first hours, then get sleepy because I been working all day.

Couldnt stay focused when I finally got myself a Deep run.

But turbos, small field mtts or 180's worked just fine.

For me it was very tough playing after work since most of the time I got sleepy after playing for a while, wich lead to misstake after misstake.

just put me on tilt, until i suddenly realized grinding after work didnt work out for me.

unless I had 100 redbull and a drank a lot of coffe.

right now only play poker during daytime (except sundays).

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I am a recreational player and when I first started playing poker as more than a post pub hobby, I was pretty eager to play sessions after work. I soon realised that going into a session with that mindset where everything is rushed is just burning money. So now I only play at weekends/holidays or if have the next day off and use my free time mid week to study. However if poker supplements your income, then, as others have suggested, playing turbos/SNGs is a good shout so you can actually take 30min to relax when you get home and get in the right frame of mind. In game my advice would be to only ever focus on the next hand, as that is the only one that matters. Thinking about a bad beat or lost flip isn't going to help you win the next one. Good luck!

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