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Questions,Concerns and suggestions for ACR Rep

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Hey buddy thanks!!! We are doing important changes on the lobby, most of them suggestions from our customers. However, I will sent yours to the tournaments director.


Ty, and look forward to it. I see lots of new tourneys added to the schedule, so tyvm for the continued improvement.

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Itd be nice if you guys paid your rakeback on time. no rakeback money for 3 days and now im told we gotta wait till monday? and it'll probably be wrong then. sighhhhh

I am sorry for the delay on the payment, everything should be fine now.

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Will the following tournaments that were scheduled last Saturday be running this Saturday the 26th

2:00 20K Guaranteed $33.00

3:00 1.2K $11.00

4 :00 2K 6 max $22.00

4:10 2K $11.00

5:00 2.5K $11.00

7:00 4K $33.00

Thank you.

Yes, they will be

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ACR Rep-

I am not too happy with what just happened and Id like to know if you can maybe go ask a higher up, or manually put it in yourself. My name is Mrcashisback on ACR and i opened the software and saw what i saw in the screenshot down below that is still right on the software right now


As you can see^ that is todays day and i deposited $280, i did so because i thought i was getting a bonus. I was told that the bonus expired 2 days ago.

-Logically as a business can you tell me how you can have a banner advertising a bonus and then when your customer makes the displayed deposit, you then tell them afterwards"sorry its expired go see it on our website it expired 2 days ago" I feel lured in, i feel like i am a victim to false advertisment. I feel as i was swindled into depositing and i deserve that bonus manually put in, it happened once long time ago and David Miller thru it in, and i think i deserve it again in this case.

Why should i have to go to the website and check the terms of the bonus on when it is and when it ends? It was on the actual gameplay main lobby. Its still there being falsely advertised! I find this very unprofessional. PLease relook at my play/and history and tell me what you can do.

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Updating the software just a few days before a major series seems a bit risky to me. Hope it goes well as Im excited to see what it will look like.

Any chance we will be able to see all the hands that go to showdown (in the hand history) after this update instead of just the winners hand ??

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Did not see an email...cliffs?

ust in time for OSS VI, we’re launching an improved user interface to make your tournaments even more enjoyable—and successful. Enhancements include progressive payouts (you’ll get paid as soon as you’re in the money), improved synchronized breaks so everyone gets the time they need, Hand for Hand Dealing, live statistics, and more.

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