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13emcD foxwoods WSOPc Action

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Hey 2+2/marketplace/everyone. selling action for WSOPc Foxwoods Events (7,8,9) starting this MON MAY 18th

Currently ranked in top 100 on WSOPc leaderboard currently 52nd. http://www.wsop.com/players/playerpr...playerID=83466

Just took 19th in event 2, (15 pay ugh) couple other deepish runs but nothing yet at foxwoods.

decent in NOLA, bubbled (19th event 3) , took 32/1150 in event 4, 12th (event 7) ran awful when it counted, but did well with what I could control

4 FTs- previous stop (Cherokee) Two ring events, PLO, nightly (along with two bubbles)

Top 5 on Pocket 5’s for USA MTT Online for year of 2014.

Top 10 OPR (carbon) for year of 2014.

Buy in/bullets

$580 x1 Events 8

$365 x2 events 7, 9


1% = $16

5% = $80

10% =$160

20%= $320

50%= $800

***Looking to sell up to 50 pct ***

**** ****


CHASE QP or Depo, Paypal, GDMP, or open to other methods (pm me)...in addition,I will take transfers from online sites

ACR (13emcD), BCP (7w1stDn3viL)

please PM before any xfers etc. Need payment before this FRIDAY MAY 15th at 12 noon.

Stake/shares is not confirmed until payment is received.


I've have perfect track record on trades in the marketplace, as Im sure anyone that has dealt with me will attest to. (can provide a reputable names upon request or you can just conduct a simple search here)

Had a successful package for Cherokee HPT INDY


$3000 total buyins returned $13.5k + HPT ME seat

I've been playing online for a long time, and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I take my reputation very seriously, because this is not a fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme for me. This is my job/career.


taxes-- need relevant info(name, ssn, address,etc) for cashes or will withhold 30%. All taxes are the responsibility of each individual shareholder, and 30% tax will be withheld on winnings until all required tax information is received for 1099s /5754, or a written agreement to withhold that amount is sent by the shareholder/staker.

reserve right to cancel package (money returned) if not enough action is bought (under 50 pct) , (all amounts unused will be return w/MU, unless otherwise agreed to)

******Any additional promotional, contest prizes, cars, WSOP main event seats, WSOP points, etc won as a result of playing will go to the player 100 pct.

TIP= 1-2% (closer to 1pct with a round off to a nice even number is the norm for me)


twitter updates @bemcd during breaks, and update spreadsheet, I may or may not make a sweat thread on P5s

https://twitter.com/bemcd and WILL UPDATE RESULTS IN THIS THREAD as per the rules of this forum.


will be made after the package is over, as promptly as humanly possible, larger payouts could take longer from what I understand. I will try to get it back to you whatever method you want, though any cost incurred due to method other than same as method of payment will be on the staker.

10 pct entitles you to 10 pct of total winnings, ie if 5k is won overall in this package 10 pct = $500 sent back to you

***sorry about short notice***

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Final numbers above.

@AJ - Hendon MOb is sending stats to another person of same name, which I tried a few times to fix and since given up. I suppose I could link that dudes stats since they are mine, minus an 08 Borgata score. I should find his ass in Annapolis and play him HU for naming rights.

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what if this other guy has a better life than me, hot wife, great job. Maybe if he has an accident I can slide in an assume his identity. Then Hendon Mob wont have to be bother with making it right. hmm..

additional action (bought yesterday)

Macho2701 has 3% of (8,9) P5s PAID

gooseswild 2% of( 8,9) 2+2 PAID

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was first areally wild swingy tourney of the last few stops.

Got an early double+ with flopped trips.

Lost a 30k pot With TPTK vs openender Vs TPFD to bring me back to 10k.

Lost KK vs Ax for 2k, moved tables

doubled from 6600 with turned set of 66 on a 3flush,4straight board (called his river bluff)

Flipped AK v QQ (against river bluffer) lost to 2700, got TT next hand 2up+ vs A2s, then got AK vs TT and lost .. out. (all within about 10-15 hand of table move)

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update: wrote it all out on twitter but as per rules Ill write it here again. Was at a pretty sharky table. got myself shortish early whiffing multple set mining opportunities etc. was able to wok my 3500 stack back to 12-15k. Had about 10k when I moved to this new table (was basically moved 5 times kept picking the next break table)

Just 3bet jam Ryan eriquizo with 33, kinda felt like he was trying to open late to get some chips back after spewing off a little here and there within the last orbit. (and I hadnt played a hand yet so) The next hand we had an open two flatters and the BB rejam again. (this had now happened a few times besides me)

immediate next hand same scenario, a raise a call I look down at black AA. I felt 100 pct I was getting called, if I jammed. So I did. got called (he happened to have AK but think the call range was gonna be pretty wide) Flop KTx turn x river Jball. booo!

(was another good player that a few guys were talking to and recognized but idk who it was)

So we brick the last three, sorry we couldnt bring home the bacon, was feeling pretty dialed in kinda bummed the cards didnt cooperate. But theres always another shot.

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@amoney13 - yeah I wish I did too, was here all week, didnt have anything exceptional here. Took 8th in the 6max. save for that and a few min cashes in the nightly, was kinda ratty for me. I gotta go back to chicago to go to a wedding this wknd and since they haved no events on thurs (wtf is that) Im leaving thurs morning. GL the rest of the way!!

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they always ship. In NOLA two days in a row, I had to watch the guy who sucked out on me deep, play HU for the win. It was a fun litte table draw needle. GL the rest of the way, if you're playing in anymore.

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