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Eatahoagie / IAMSkynet selling Borgata open / Parx Main/ GSSS 5k package! No Mark-Up

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Hey Eatahoagie / Iamskynet / Anthony Cicali III here and I have put together a pretty sick 17 tournament package for the Borgata Open / Parx Main Event / GSSS series NO MARK UP!!!!

This past year I have won 10k and 5k events online, and just recently took 2nd in the Borgata/Party 5k on 9/6/15 wsop.

I play to win , and I am going to try and ship some of these events... its a bold statement , but anyone who knows me , knows I play for first place , not for the min cash.

References will be provided if needed.

My Profile :


Here is some additional info on me :


This is for the following 17 events

I can email an EXCEL file if needed

I will post nightly updates and results on my twitter @RoyalOdoyle I WILL ALSO POST UPDATES PERIODICALLY IN THIS THREAD AS PER THE FORUM RULES.

Saturday 9/12/15 – Borgata 100k - $400 ( 1 extra bullet)

Borgata NLHE/Pineapple *** only if bust 100k and don’t use 2nd Bullet

Saturday 10/11/14- Party GSSS SERIES #1- 5kgrtd- $55 +1 R

#2-75k grtd- $215

#3-20k grtd- $55 +1R

#4-5k grtd- $20

Wed 10/14/15 -GSSS #9- 20k - $109 +1R

#10-10k- $20+1R

Saturday 10/19/15 Parx Main Event Big Stax $1100

Monday 10/21/15 – GSSS #24 – 20k- $109 +1R

#25- 7.5k- $55

Sunday 10/25/15 – GSSS #38 – 5k - $55



#41-5k-$55 +1R



17 events= $5000

I am looking to sell unto 50% of this package (no mark up)

I accept Paypal or Cash , or direct deposit into my bank

( no checks, IOUs , or action swap)

1% - $50

3% - $150


10% - $500


- Any winnings over $5k will require your Tax Info, without it I will withhold 30% for taxes. -

- This stake is for the above tournaments and only these two tournaments. You will have no claim to any seats that may / may not be given out to the winner in a future tournament-

-You will not be entitled to bonuses

-You will not be entitled to any endorsements / sponsorships or anything except your % of my winnings from the prize pools.-

- If I do not play an event you will receive a refund for the event, or if a rebuy / add on is not used, you will receive a percentage refund as well

-unused buy ins may be applied to other GSSS or daily events, investors will be notified beforehand if this happens

as I stated I will post nightly updates and results on my twitter @RoyalOdoyle I WILL ALSO POST UPDATES PERIODICALLY IN THIS THREAD AS PER THE FORUM RULES.

any questions please comment

thanks !

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