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Money Deposited on PokerHost (WPN Network) vanishes

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So I decided to depo $500 last night on the skin "PokerHost" of the WPN network, wanting to play on a different name than the skin I was grinding on before on true poker. While I was at work, I got this email:


This message contains blocked images.

Thank you very much for choosing Poker Support. We require you to send us the following information for all of your transactions,

-Front and back copy of the credit card. V-6320.

-Utility bill or proof of address.

-Front copy of the card holder’s driver’s license or passport.

*Poker Host needs to verify the first 6 digits and last four of the front. You can hide middle numbers and CVV.

This information will allow us to certificate the account and process any future withdrawal requests in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your time our apologies for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for attention via live chat, toll free number 1-866-POKER11, our email riskmanagement@pokerhost.com or at our fax number 1-800-570-7201.

· You can scan or take a picture of the documents and send them via email.


Privacy And Confidentiality Notice:

The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorized to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you received this communication in error, please advise sender by reply e-mail and delete the message.

No biggie, I've had to send in info/docs before cashing out on other sites, so no issue.. But I log in to my account tonight, expecting to see $494.50 (lost $5.50 in a cpl dinker MTTs the night before) and i see $0.00, and the "registered email address" says "207191@pokerhost.com" instead of my actual email address that I registered for.

Maybe I'm freaking out for no reason, but I am hesitant to send them the information they are asking for when the money in my account isn't even showing up and I don't know anyone personally who plays and cashes out on this skin so maybe I am in the right to be cautious. I sent them an email asking what is going on at around 5:15am last night so I will update the thread if/when this is resolved.

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Just got this email from PokerHost support.. I will update if/when the money is returned to my debit card.

Hi Brett,

Thank you very much for being a part of the Poker Host family ; we really appreciate having you as one of our valued customers.

Please noticed that after a security review, Poker Host has decided to keep your account open, your deposit methods will be Western union or Money gram .

Concerning the deposit made last night for $500 this one was refunded and the funds will return back to your card between 3 to 15 business days.

In case there is anything else we can do for you please send us another email, we will be happy to assist you.

Kind regards,

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Started playing on Poker Host when it was part of Merge. I have never had problems or issues depositing or cashing out. I believe I have all available deposit and cash out options -- including bank wires deposited into my checking account and direct deposit into my checking account. I am allowed to do maximum cash outs for each available cash out option simultaneously and receive my monies within 3-5 business days. Poker Host also calls me after each cash out to make sure I received my monies.

I have been banned by Poker Host at the direction of Merge. I then spoke to Poker Host and they were successful in getting me reinstated within 48 hours. Told them to tell Merge I was the rec player they were catering to.

Whenever I have questions or issues I call Poker Host and they have always tried and in most cases were successful in assisting me.

I am just starting to play on WPN via Poker Host and again -- have had no issues or concerns. When I first signed up for Poker Host as part of WPN -- my deposit and cash out options were very limited. I called them and they were able to provide me with all my former deposit and cash out options available to me when they were part of Merge.

My experience with Poker Host has always been very positive, which has not been true with most of the other Merge sites.

BTW: I call and whine about almost anything...call them enough that we are now on a first name basis! LOL

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This makes me feel a bit more optimistic.. I actually did not grind today and cut yesterdays session short bc I felt like I wasn't "in the zone" cuz I'm worrying about this instead of focusing 100% on my tables.. It is just terrible timing too, bc I just cashed out like 95% of the funds I had on True Poker, so I could play on this new name/skin. My name was going to be "Tr3sP4ss3r" which I thought would be a cool name to grind on, as people who are getting 3b pre or tangled up in post flop spots might cause em to spazz a bit harder. O well, guess I'll have to wait till I get this deposit refunded to re-depo, or maybe look for someone to trade P2P for paypal or something. In the mean time, I'll just grind Bovada, my bread and butter site.

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So it's only been 3 business days so far, but I saw I got charged $15 (along with the $500) that has not yet been refunded.. figured I would ask live support about the charge and try to find out why the money I deposited was taken from my account with no explanation. This is the convo:

chatinfo.gifPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

chatinfo.gifYou are now chatting with 'Joe'




Thank you for contacting PokerHost Support! May I have your Username Please?

Visitor: Hey Joe.. my username is Tr3sP4ss3r


May I have your Security Answer please?


Where did you meet your spouse?

Visitor: ******


How May I help you today?

Visitor: I deposited $500 onto PokerHost on Thursday from my debit card

Visitor: I logged into my account on Friday and it was gone.. I got an email saying it would be refunded to my card within 3-15 business days

Visitor: I am not sure why this has happened.. I also got charged $15, I'm guessing, for a deposit fee.. I never knew there was a deposit fee for depositing


Allow me just one moment while I check.

Visitor: Just hoping I get reimbursed in a timely manner so I can get back to playing poker

Visitor: thank you


We do not charge any deposit fee. I t might be that your bank did for the international transaction. I'm cheking one moment.


Thanks for holding according with the department in charge we will require for copy of the hard copy for the bank statement so we can check into it.


The email address, riskmanagement@pokerhost.com

Visitor: Why do you need a copy of my bank statement?


We need to confirm the charge, because that merchant its from China and they might charge you for the transaction or it could be an exchange rate, we need to confirm those details.


We need a proof of the charges.

Visitor: I deposited $500 onto PokerHost, the very next day, it's gone, and I'm given no reason/explanation as to why it's gone. I am hesitant to give more personal information when I have not been reimbursed.

Visitor: 09/21/2015 Hide additional information for activity type bank charge -15.00 CHECKCARD 0918 Payitltd.com/comicsleg 18775704621 74985265261010861010607... Edit Description activity type bank charge status type icon cleared Cleared. Select to mark activity type bank charge -15.00 CHECKCARD 0918 Payitltd.com/comicsleg 18775704621 74985265261010861010607... as Reconciled -15.00 Type: Bank charge Description: CHECKCARD 0918 Payitltd.com/comicsleg 18775704621 74985265261010861010607 INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION FEE


We sent the funds back to you and the process can take between 3-15 business days to reach you.

Visitor: 09/21/2015 Hide additional information for activity type debit cards -500.00 CHECKCARD 0918 Payitltd.com/comicsleg 18775704621 74985265261010861010607 Edit Description activity type debit cards status type icon cleared Cleared. Select to mark activity type debit cards -500.00 CHECKCARD 0918 Payitltd.com/comicsleg 18775704621 74985265261010861010607 as Reconciled -500.00 Type: Debit card Purchaser: BRETT J BOUCHER Description: CHECKCARD 0918 Payitltd.com/comicsleg 18775704621 74985265261010861010607 Merchant category: Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers Merchant category code: 5192 Expense category: Wholesale Distributors & Manufacturers

Visitor: sorry, just copy and pasted from my online banking


to check any additional charge we will need copy of the statement to confirm that charge.

Visitor: the $15 charge is not that big of a deal.. I just want my money back on my PH acct

Visitor: or credited back to my debit card


We need the hard copy of the statement to check with our processor, this one is the procedure we need to follow to confirm any extra charge.

Visitor: I don't know how to send that, my bank statements are only up until August 25th 2015


Once you receive the statement for the entire month, please sent it to us.


Might there be anything else I can help you with?

Visitor: Okay, will do, once I get my deposit refunded, but I don't understand why all this information is needed for depositing. I've been playing online poker for about 10 years across 8 or 9 different sites and never had any issues like this. I know its not your fault, just seems weird that I get an email asking for copy of drivers liscense, utility bill, credit card, etc. (sometimes a site will ask for these for cashing out) And as I was getting ready to send the documents, I log into my account and it says $0. So obviously I'm a bit skeptical to surrender any more info.


That one is the procedure that we follow with the credit card customers.


Doing that we certify the account and the customer.


But also since we sent the funds back to you, we do not require those documents anymore. Just the picture ID to confirm identity.

Visitor: I understand that, but I don't understand why my money was taken out of my account in the first place.

Visitor: so I should email photo ID to riskmanagement?


yes please.

Visitor: thank you for your help

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So I checked my account today and the $500 i deposited has been returned to my bank account! Only took like 3 or 4 business days too so I am relieved.. Glad PokerHost kept me in the loop and was very quick at responding to my emails.. Sucks that I'm not able to play on this new name "Tr3sP4ss3r" unless someone who uses PH wants to p2p me $ for paypal or BCP or True or something.. Anyways.. Not sure if I should delete this thread or at least change the title of it since the situation has been resolved.

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