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30 Session Challenge! 20k to win ! (mtts/180)

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hey guys

Im Anthony "leggieblufs1" Legg this is gonna be my goal/ first post !

30 sessions challenge !


1. 200k vpps ! (at 173000vpps)

2. 1600 Fpps bonuses

3. grind 1/55

4. try wake up early and grind mornings !

5. grind more 180s and 45 man

6. 30 sessions where i can hopefully get about 20k :)

7. update days and gyazo sharkscope both chart and games/roi

8. after october 13th go to gym more :) get ready for summer session 1

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


grinded hard ! first session mate 234! ill take that :)

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


came 2nd in big 27 for 3.4 k good start to the 30 sessions challenge !

Tomorrows session is gonna be a Sunday/Monday session so i ill add in the millball ! hopefully big field variance is nice to me !

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Tuesday 6th october


made 200 ish 4th session ! got 177.400 vpps and 71kfpps !

ive managed to hurt my shoulder and i think its called shoulder impingement ! so im probable gonna lay of the bigger sessions ! bit ill grind around 50 games a day which should be around 3/4 hours reg !

If anyone's got any questions ! or thoughts on how i can improve thread ! let me know !

cheers fellahs !

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Same as Doug and Jaxon, I love these threads !!!

I like it when its a daily update, specially if you plan to grind every day.

I like having the nr side of it : BR/VPP/FPP, deep runs, wins etc..

I also like as you did to have the non-mathematical side : how you feel about it / general feelings, change of tactics (due to shoulder) etc..

Really cool, wish you success on your adventure and look forward for the read :-)


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sorry for the delay on post guys !

I had the ANZPT Melbourne and had a hotel room in the city so couldn't post :(

i bricked every live event but it was a cracker catching up with all the other regs !

i play to continue this mission and hopefully knock it off withing the next 4 weeks :)

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

VPPS 178.491

FPPS 75,000


Today was a real break evanish type day , i made numerous finals tables and got alot of 6th / 7th and got alot of nutted hand cracked in crucial spots which is poker !

looking forward to tomorrows session !

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