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Goals for 2016

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My Goals for 2016

1. Keep Full Time Grinder status

2. Keep going to Gym 3x-5x week with 15 lbs of body weight lost (currently at 190)

3. 100k profit for the year with 15-30 mtts per day

4. Startup Twitch Channel with a consistent schedule

5. Keep the Faith with growth spiritually

6. Strengthen relationships and re-connect w/family and friends

7. Reach #1 ranking in California and top 10 in US on P5's

8. Move out of apartment and into a house

9. Be debt free and give more to charity/volunteering

10. Create a bigger and better goals list for 2017 to top this 2016's list

GLGL errybody and I look forward to seeing all the goals we met and exceeded by the end of next year!! :D

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1. Play 10K+ games (mtts)

2. Get to MidStakes with a solid BRM and sticking to a good pre-determined daily mtt schedule

3. Beat LowStakes Mtts with solid ROI (35%+)

4. Become (again) a full time grinder

5. Go to the gym 3-5x per week

6. Attend to at least 3 stops of BSOP and 1 of LAPT

7. Finish 2016 with a BR that allows me to attend WSOP in 2017.

8. Finish the year in the top500 on P5's rankings.

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1. Start grinding full time (~6-8 hrs/day)

2. Move from micro stakes to low stakes

3. Have and maintain a win rate of over 8BB/100

4. Stop drinking so much beer and focus more on sober poker

5. Don't be a tilty cunt after a few bad beats so that I can keep playing and not shut it down like I usually have to.

6. Take a long shot at the APT if it comes back to Sihanoukville

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1) Eat healthier, less fast food, more veggies/lean meats.

2) Stop drinking so much damn soda.

3) No caffeine during sessions, water only.

4) Exercise at least 1 hour a day.

5) $35k profit

6) Beat $55 MTTs and be playing $109s

7) Study poker at least 5 hours a week.

8) Fifteen 1k+ scores and One 10k+ score.

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my poker goals are kinda private to me, but here are my non-poker ones;

adopt/rescue a dog (joining us in 2 weeks)

make cat and dog not hate each-other, cuddle occasionally

read min. 36 novels over year (read 26 in 2015)

be a healthier vegan (less sandwiches/pasta, more veg/fruit)

donate more to charities

speak more with non-poker people

visit 3 new cities

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Life Goals:

*Develop workout regimen and follow strict schedule 3-4 times/week

* Read one new book each week in place of youtube/internet/music as entertainment

*Live more intentionally in contacting one old friend and setting up one coffee date per week

*Attend at least one public meditation event per week and increase frequency of practice to 3x/week

Poker Goals:

*Show $100k profit playing poker 40 hrs w/ 50 total tourneys per week

*Get backing/coaching arrangement by end of year to encourage my growth as a MTT player

*Play in Colossus and other side events at WSOP in Las Vegas

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Go To Mexico In April to play on Pokerstars,Ship a major TCOOP, Buy a house, Make it to the wsop this year for my birthday, Bay pack everyone that helped me get to where I am, Live Life to the Fullest , and most of all have faith in yourself and believe that anything is possible. Great Post!!!!!

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1) Play a live event-- I've only played one live MTT ever due to family issues

2) Become more involved with PFives outside of OT (already moved on this one, obv)

3) Become more of a student of the game through watching vids, reading, etc.

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1) Play a lot more live poker

2) Play more satellites to live tournaments

3) Increase volume of online tournaments

4) Study a hell of a lot more on my NLHE game

5) Get back to around 10st 8oz (currently 12 stone)

6) Finally buy my first house

7) Stop being so picky when it comes to women

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