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Is Poker X Factor down?

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title says it all. I have been a member since 06 and although I packed it in last year I decided just last week maybe I would subscribe again. Cant get into website

Just merged this, but BigButt84 posted that they are open, but in the middle of a move.

I'm going to try to get in touch with someone there though.

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Is mindwise still involved there? I haven't really heard anything about them in years

I also haven't heard much from them since Black Friday, but knew they were still producing some content. No idea about mindwise.

Still down and no reply from the support

I hope its just temporary as they were one of the original training sites around.

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The site has been down for about 2 weeks now and they just withdrew another months subscription from my bank account. Pretty annoying!!! I didn't know it was an automatic monthly payment.

Does anyone have contact info for PXF support? Obviously cant get it off the website since the site is down.

Otherwise I could probably get my bank to block withdraws to that site.

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Yes it is still down as of tonight. I PM'd Ryan Hall and he replied.

"I was told that that there was a problem at the place that hosts the site and that they're working on it"

My subscription fee was taken out on 1/17/16 from my bank account but could not find a confirmation email like i normally get.

I have a Facebook PM into Sheets and awaiting a reply. I'll update when I know more.

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Sheets replied to my PM this morning: "Some issue with the host I think. not sure/"

I replied to him regarding this thread stating it has been down since Jan 17th. I have not gotten a response as of yet.

The site was still down this morning.

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I've had some people contact me to see if I have heard anything. I have not, other than what is on here and on Twitter.

Obviously with the site gone it is difficult to cancel your service. If you pay your monthly payments via PayPal, here is a tip. Login to your payPal account. Click on MY MONEY. Then click on on UPDATE next to My PreApproved Payments. There you will see a list of every subscription you have and you can cancel from there.

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DBT CRD 0424 01/18/16 26007616 MINDWISE MEDIA, LLC 650-6222200 NJ

above is the info that came through on my last bank statement. You guys should all decide on your own if you feel the need to call your bank and block future payments from processing.

It appears as though Mindwise Media, LLC has closed. However the number posted on a business listing site did ring through to voicemail to the Pendergrast household...I assume this is Scott. I left a message for him asking if he could return my call to give me an update.

I can only speculate. It's possible the hosting servers were shut down or got shut down & info may not be available, including contact info of their subscribers.

I could give 2 shits about my $24.95. The weekly hand history live chat reviews alone with Sheets are a lifetime of +EV for me. It's a great site, good people on it & representing it. I highly doubt this is a last ditch money grab, I could see it closing..I've been concerned about a lack of participation from us, the subscribers.

I am concerned about the guys who've helped host & train us for many years...let's give these these people the benefit of the doubt...my guess is something big happened..those left are scrambling to figure out the best course of action..and we will know what's going on soon enough.

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