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When you over do it with partying....

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You just feel super restless and your mind starts racing. Weird thoughts, sweating, can't sit still, shortness of breath etc etc.

and there's nothing normal/specific that is triggering it. that's the difference between an anxiety attack and anxiety. almost all people have anxiety occasionally, AA's are different.

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Yeah thats weird. Do you get anxiety during other aspects of life like work?

I was out drinking all night, woke up, made an omelet and atarted watching basketball. Only thoughts im having is whether or not i want to be productive today.

I'm been drinking since yesterday. My phone feels heavy lol

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I'll get random anxiety attacks like if im driving on the highway or shopping or something weird. They aren't frequent its just a weird fight or flight feeling sometimes for no reason. Not necessarily partying induced. THough partying does trigger them on occasion.

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I think what a lot people mean ITT are panic attacks. They blow but are fairly manageable once you get used to them and know how to calm yourself down.

They don't have to be panic attacks, panic attacks are more crippling, shortness of breathe, rapid heartbeat, etc. Just feeling down from being hungover, dehydrated and knowing the weekend is over and maybe a little alcohol withdrawal is what I think a majority of people here are talking about. Since I stopped going out Thursday/Friday/Saturday to only going out hard once every week or two mine are pretty much gone. If you have a somewhat stressful job it makes it all that much worse.

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Do any of you guys get anxiety attacks after a night of partying. As long as I don't "over do it" i'm usually good. But as i've gotten older, if I have an all day drink fest and don't eat/drink enough water, the next day is like an all day anxiety attack. Its fucking weird. Some friends party way more than me and never get them. I do know a few people who do but most people I know just get a regular hangover. Thoughts? What do you do when this happens besides swearing off partying (which I wont because I do enjoy it). I know if I drink a lot of water before bed after drinking it usually helps but sometimes I just fall asleep. Then its the next day afternoon of doom.

Yes. This is one of the reasons I realized I was having some health issues.

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