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When you over do it with partying....

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Do any of you guys get anxiety attacks after a night of partying. As long as I don't "over do it" i'm usually good. But as i've gotten older, if I have an all day drink fest and don't eat/drink enough water, the next day is like an all day anxiety attack. Its fucking weird. Some friends party way more than me and never get them. I do know a few people who do but most people I know just get a regular hangover. Thoughts? What do you do when this happens besides swearing off partying (which I wont because I do enjoy it). I know if I drink a lot of water before bed after drinking it usually helps but sometimes I just fall asleep. Then its the next day afternoon of doom.

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drove up to maryland live yesterday morning for the 11am $500 tourney w 200 bounties, chopped it at 5am for $8k + 7 bounties, just got back to Richmond 5 min ago. been awake for 26 hours, played poker for 18 of them. my body is literally about to shut down, but otherwise feeling pretty good.. fuck yeah mothafuckas.


Strong still

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I don't party as much anymore because I get major downers/axiety the next day if I blackout, even if everything in life is going great. I finally realized that two days of feeling sluggish isn't worth whatever I do when partying like that anymore. I drink way less now but still occasionally revert back to my old self for a night every few months. Work in progress.

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Used to get anxiety after long nights of booze and coke. Don't do coke anymore so all good now.

I used to take little bumps during the old party days, and agree.

Key is hydration, and it is easy to forget to hydrate when the drinks are flowing.....

What I did was incorporate water into my vodka drink, it really has helped.

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That's the absolute worst.

I've woke up at 2:30am and thought it was 6:30am and didn't figure it out until after I was showered and dressed. That day sucked the big one too.

This shit happens to me a lot on football Sunday's. I start drinking at 10am and then I pass out around 6. I wake up at 2am with a full nights sleep and wide awake so I walk my dog around the neighborhood having conversations with the Meth heads.

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