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Bollievp sunday grind.

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bollievp    0

Playing another schedule tomorrow.

This pack Will be played regardless how much is sold.

18.15. 27 pko t

18.15. 2.7 ko t

18.30. Hotter11

18.45. 5.4 ko t

19.00. 4.4 pko

19.15. 1.35 ko t

19.30. Sunday storm

19.45. 22 pko 6-Max

20.00. Bigger11

20.30. 13.5 ko

21.15. 7.5 bountybuilder

21.15. Sunday mini million 22$

21.30. 27 ko t

22.15. 5.5 bountybuilder

22.30. 27 pko

22.30. 5.1 hyper

22.30. 1.35 ko t

22.45. 10.5 sko

22.45. 10.2 hu hyper

23.15. 27 pko t 6-Max

23.30. 11 pko t

23.30. 5.1 hyper

00.00. 27 ko t

00.00. 4.4 pko t

Total pack. 300$

Selling Max 50% face value.

2.5%. 7.5$

5%. 15$

10%. 30$

20%. 60$

If soldout i Will add Some bonus mtts.

Conditions as usual

Payouts after session

Ko's all to Payouts

Searchable on stars

Rail during session if possible with volume. Summary at end of session.

Ship to bollievp on stars.

Note: played over 200 packs here and other sites. Had only 1 issue in the past but solved emmidiatelly.

So im a trustfull investment.

Ref: eirestyle, mjamja, lucian198306,....

Thx and gl us

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bollievp    0

Nope only skrill as other payment option. But if im not wrong normally you can transfer between neteller and skrill. If you wanna try let me know in pm.

Identiteit sent you my skrill details and i Will take the 1.9% fee on me

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bollievp    0


Because of soldout i Will add Some bonus games. Decided to add 5x 11pko t 90 man sit&go. Ft this one regularly. If i can ship one our bap is allready covered

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bollievp    0

final numbers

2.7 ko t 0.50$

hotter11 itm 571th 25.54$

4.4 pko 1.00$

storm itm 4293th 15.28$

22 pko 10.00$

7.5 builder 9.38$

5.1 hyper itm 234th 9.37$

27 pko t itm 90th 131.20$

total won 202.27$

money sent in a minute

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