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vacation rental vegas June 3 - 10ish...

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I plan on playing in the Collossus and Milly Maker this year as I went last year and the amount of traffic was insane... All the local casinos canceled their nightlys due to hour long waitlists on the cash tables.. What makes that week even juicier is both Aria and PH run a 565 500k sandwhiched in between those events and the Rio has great nightly events.. Anyways, where I'm going with this is I'd like to get a vacation rental for about 7-10 days. If anyone wants to join please let me know (serious requests only please). Would be fun to get a good group of p5ers together to motivate each other and more importantly save on what would be an expensive hotel bill. I have already received a few half hearted responses but trying to lock this down sooner than later

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I enjoyed the experience of playing the colossus. Just have to take it for what it is. The ultimate crapshoot with little to no chance of winning. Things should much improved this year with 2 extra starting heats. Definitely pre register if you play as I had to get in the late waves with both of my bullets (only 25 bbs).. Some only started with 15. The only gripe I have is that if you have a pulse and can breathe they'll let you deal.. Had the worst dealers I've ever encountered but some of that is inevitable with around 25000 people.

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I played the Colossus last year and it was def insane... I did manage to run it up to a 283rd finish though outta like 22k people. Payout wait was redic. I went back to Rio at like 3 am and it was still an hour wait but anyway I'm planning on going again this year. I would def pre-reg any flight you are going to play. I played 2 bullets and the second I started late wave and only 25 bbs. Wish I had more vacation time for the series.

Sorry I won't be able to throw in on a rental I'll be with my family. I'd love to meet up with any P5ers that make it out to Vegas. Should be fun!

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