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NJ WSOP minifest team competition

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Neither Pocketfives or WSOP are responsible or affiliated for/with any of this.

WSOP Mini Fest team competition $50 per player. As of right now we have 5 captains. bmweiser, mattybuns1, frickenwacko, jedimind, and alex breza. Each team will consist of 4 players. Winning team will be the team who earns the most PLB points over the 16 events March 14 - March 21st.

Right now we have 21 for the WSOP Mini fest team competition. Bmweiser, nolimitnj, iamdewman, frickenwacko, ricanphenom, dhoffman87, mattybuns1, snouch1313, jedimind, vanderwiel, nutsooncow, doodysocks3, greatfuld3ad, 17outer, odi420, alexbreza, jenger, moikeaa, eddiegood86. ilicis will be the 1st alternate unless we can get 3 more players for a 5th team.

$50 buy in will be due to odi420 by Saturday March 12 by 5:00PM. PM odi420 for payment info. anyone not paid up will not be eligible to participate.

Draft still TBD

All players who declare themselves eligible to be drafted MUST (IN THIS THREAD) say how much they plan on playing this series. We need an honest assessment.

I hope I covered it all. Any questions concerns please let me know. All are welcome, please show interest in here.

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Here is a link to the schedule.


Please confirm here how much/many of the tournys you are expecting to play for the captains and draft purposes.

I have received PMs for paypal info from several peeps already. I will start confirming those who have paid in here as they start coming in. This should be a fun lil event and I am looking fwd to it.

I plan on playing > 90%.

Any questions or concerns please ask them here so everyone is on the same page.

Thanks- Oliver(Ollie, OD, Odi)

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