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***The Official PTP'r Make An Appearance Thread***

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not a lot. just working. playing poker a couple times a month. im going to play a PLO event in a couple weeks, and im seeing guns n roses on friday. been waiting 25 years for this. do you ever visit the ptp facebook page? you know etti passed away right?

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my parents are doing well. my mother had a rough period where she was in and out of hospital. had 2 major surgeries. one of which she couldnt even walk when she came out of, but after a month of therapy she is able to walk again. then she ended up back in hospital with blood clots. as for Etti this is what happened

"Etienne had PTSD,Anxiety & panic attacks and didn't receive the help he so desperately needed,as a family we supported & loved Etienne as he did us...He suddenly became unwell with stomach pains and was too scared to get medical help..which resulted in his stomach ulcer bursting and he sadly passed away on 4th April 2016 aged 35."

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Hello from the past, nerds

I'm en route to a new job and broke down in Las Vegas of all places. Haven't played in a few years, but I'm gonna go see if this dead game is really dead. Hmu if any of you old farts are in town and want free money, looks like I'll be here for a few days

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