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Pokemon Go

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gonna check it out, if no good gonna have to move back to San Francisco, last 6 days left for Groudon raids

I’m like 4 for 20 catching those things . Not sure about raids but if you spoof to Vegas they have hella ton of stops .

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Currently only Gen 3 pokemon is spawning with exception of Tauros i think.

Played a bit in New York, boring, can farm certain candy, but really boring.

Since yesterday new pokemon

Castform (changes form based on weather)

Swablu, Altaria (requires 400 candy to evolve, Swablu can be shiny)

Surskit, Masquerain

Bagon, Shelgon, Salamance

Tailow, Swellow



Beldum, Metang, Metacross


Wingull, Pelipper



Also, new raids:

T1: Swablu, Snorunt

T2: Dewgong

T3: Jynx, Azumarill, Piloswine

T4: Feraligatr

T5: Rayquaza

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It hurts me to say but we need to be in distance of 100 meters(em.. 300 foot)

As far as I know if I spoof to your location it still not gonna work as our devices wont connect.

So either you have to start cheating or have to wait till I go to states next year.

In the other news, I had a little session today for new shinnies.

Ended up with really nice surprise - Shinny Aerodactyl




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