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13emcD- Brian McDaniel- WSOP National Championship

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Hey 2+2/marketplace/everyone. I'm selling action for the upcoming WSOP circuit National Championship (now called the global casino championship) in Cherokee, NC. The buy in is a rake-free 10k seat awarded to top 50 players, ME winners, and casino champs, along with others that can buyin. I got mine via top 50 players (in points in the 2015/16 season)

Cherokee is my most successful stop as I seem to always do well there, Including a 12th place finish in this event in last years National Championship for 25k.




Buy in/bullets

$10,000 x 1

at ~1.05


1/3 % = $36

1% = $105

5% = $500 (no mu)

***Looking to sell 30-50%

**anyone that buys action to natty will have first crack at Cherokee prelim pack to be dropped later this week**


CHASE QP or Depo, Paypal, are PREFERRED , open to other methods (pm me)...in addition, I will take transfers from online sites ACR (13emcD), BCP (7w1stDn3viL)

please PM before any xfers etc. Need payment by AUG 4th.

Stake/shares is not confirmed until payment is received.


I've have perfect track record on trades in the marketplace, as I'm sure anyone that has dealt with me will attest to. (can provide a reputable names upon request or you can just conduct a simple search here)

I've been playing online for a long time, and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I take my reputation very seriously, because this is not a fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme for me. This is my job/career.


taxes-- need relevant info(name, ssn, address,etc) for cashes or will withhold 30%. All taxes are the responsibility of each individual shareholder, and 30% tax will be withheld on winnings until all required tax information is received for 1099s /5754, or a written agreement to withhold that amount is sent by the shareholder/staker.

Tips-- up to 1% off total win for that tourney (dispersed according to pct)

Any additional promotional, contest prizes, cars, seats won, sponsorships, points, etc as a result of playing will go to the player 100 pct


twitter updates @bemcd during breaks, and update spreadsheet, I may or may not make a sweat thread on P5s *but will at a minimum update results on P5s)



will be made after the package is over, as promptly as humanly possible, larger payouts could take longer from what I understand. I will try to get it back to you whatever method you want, though any cost incurred due to method other than same as method of payment will be on the staker.

10 pct entitles you to 10 pct of total winnings, ie if 5k is won overall in this package 10 pct = $500 sent back to you

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