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500 to 10k Challenge

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I have been watching a little of Doug Polk's 100 to 10k bankroll challenge and decided to try one myself. I'm going to see if I can go from $500 to $10k on Blackchip in 2 months. I will post updates here and do some twitch streams if there is any interest in this thread, if not I think it could be a good chance to challenge myself and put in some hours working on my game.

I have been playing all stakes of MTT's on Bovada for the past year and a half and had some success, but with the poor performance of the software and the move to ignition I want to play there less and move the majority of my volume to a new network and this seems like a good way to motivate me to make the switch and stick to it. I am going to be playing cash, SNGs, and some tournaments. I want to use an aggressive bankroll strategy but also keep my chance of going bust relatively low.

Any advice on game selection or anything else is welcome, 500 to 10k starts...now!

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Thanks guys!

BR: $489

Played about a 3 hour session last night, 25NL mostly, mixed in a few $3 and $5 SNG, and a $5 MTT. Was up to like $610 but lost a ton of huge pots right at the end to finish at basically my lowest point of the night. The games seemed really good at these stakes and despite the small loss, I feel really good about the challenge after my first short session. Going to be back playing probably a longer session tonight starting around 7 or 8.

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Took some time off from the challenge to play some live poker, just got back from Jacksonville playing the $350 100k, tried to ship it for 28k, but unfortunately had to settle for 42nd and a small cash. So this week we are back to grinding the Challenge on Blackchip. Also I decided to still play some tournaments on Bovada at my normal stakes (obv not counted towards the challenge) to keep me more motivated to put in hours.

Current Challenge BR: $303

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I wish you the best of luck! I'm on Blackchip almost daily so I might rail you a bit.

You got a lot of work to do this month. Almost 1 month down and up 1200ish. So you need about $8300 in the next month. Can you post screen shots of Balance for verification?

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