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Official NBA Octovember Thread

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Steph robs Kobe of one of his cooler records by literally trying his hardest to break it and do nothing else of significance all game every game for the past 3 years....congrats? I guess. About time, imo.

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Looks like the MVP race is going to be mostly between Harden and Westbrook with Lebron as a possibility if the Cavs win 65. Basically whoever has the best record and is closest to the triple dub wins it, so actually HArden is prob fucked.

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Rose is so hard to watch it makes me sick. He has missed Zinger wide open twice because he had already predetermined he was going to shoot. Gahd he a waste.

Seeing progression early in the season from Kristaps is fun when he is only 21 yrs old. Plays like he been in the league for 5 years. There is hope.

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