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Let's talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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Relax...everything falling.

WAX actually interests me though. How is the token used on the platform?

It will just be one of many options for gamers. It will be needed for all things smart contract related. It also powers the blockchain like EOS. Only i think instead of 21 block producers, they will be called guilds, which all token holders can join, and there will be lots of them.

Also, they are good for receiving airdrops. RobotCache is just an example. Projects wont be ICO'ng on WAX, but they will need wax to trade their in game items, so when they partner, apparently they will be airdropping some of their token on the wax community as a reward/marketing strategy.

Also anybody that wants to open up their own marketplace on WAX has to stake WAX to run their shit.

its all kind of a mystery as to whats going to happen with the ETH version of the token once they switch to the EOS version. They say both tokens will have a role.

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Sub 5k btc coming

Will be a lot of depression and violent sell offs of alts still to come.

Makes me think after these next leg downs we will rebound back to like 5500-6500 and who knows how long we will go sideways with alts still bleeding off.

Could get really really ugly

No one knows what's gonna happen. You keep saying it, perhaps one of these days you'll be right

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I don't use twitter but a year+ ago I made an account to follow all these crypto guys. They aren't tweeting about lambos or the moon anymore. They are retweeting shitbrained alt-right propoganda. Has anyone else noticed that? What is with the crypto community and the dirtbag poker community being so pro trump and pro conspiracy?

Not trying to go political here but there's not much else to talk about besides 80 having to get a real job now.

There's def a strong correlation between degen poker scrubs, the cryptobros, and the alt-right. I mean I guess it makes sense. These people contribute nothing to society, never think about anyone else, and want some magical shortcut to the finish line a la luckboxing a big tourney or shitcoin bullruns. The alt-right agenda is clearly appealing to these types.

I'm not talking about the LV and Duffy type. I'm talking about the 80 type. I mean for fucks sakes guys how was 80 dominating this thread not a giant red flag for all of us? It was so obvious.

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